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2MPC-DAT-6 Data Acquisition Terminal

  • Portable design
  • Data Sync backup
  • Support 4 channel multi-function USB port.
  • Backup data automatically

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Portable design
The total weight is about 1.3KG

Data Sync backup
Support 10 channel data backup simultaneously.

Multifunction interface
Support 4 channel multifunction USB port.

Backup data automatically
When BWC connect to terminal, it will backup all
the video, audio, pictures and log file etc. automatically. 10 channels 16GB data can be backup in 70 minutes.

Empty data automatically
When the data backup finished, it will empty
the storage of BWC automatically.

Upload data automatically
It can upload all the video, audio, pictures and log
file etc. to the center se1ver manually
or automatically, upload time is configurable.

Data management
Support search the data based on officer number,
officer name, device number, upload date/time and
so on, suppo1t copy, cut, delete and upload for one
or some files.

When BWC connect to tenninal, it will recharge
automatically, and 10 channels BWC can be
recharged in 6.5 hours.

Space warning
When the space is not enough, it will remind
“Space is not enough, please clear up data!”

Time Sync
When BWC connect to the te1minal, it will sync
the date/time with terminal automatically.

Only authorized people can access the terminal and backup.

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Weight 2.86 lbs
Dimensions 9.84 × 9.05 × 3.14 in
Processor Auto microprocessor control
Acquisition port Dedicated 6ch insert + 4ch USB ports
PC software Manager of Body Worn Camera
Power AC 100- 240V 50/60HZ
Temperature -10 ° to 55 °
Dimension About 250*230*80 (mm)
Weight About 1.3KG




Screen N/A
Memory N/A
Storage N/A
Data interface USB


OS Windows7    64 bit
Software P media software
Environment Working


-10℃ – 55℃


Dimension 250mm*230mm*80mm
Weight 1.3kg





Self      locking


With self-locking power cable, which can avoid the accident shutdown
Working power Intelligent          temperature          control,          normal          voltage:


Network One RJ45
USB 4 USB 3.0
Function Automatically


When BWC connect to the terminal, it will backup all the video, audio,

pictures and log file automatically.


























Priority backup The terminal has one priority backup channel; it will back up the data

from this interface firstly.

Empty The terminal will empty all the data in the BWC when the backup


Recharging When BWC inserted into the terminal, it will recharging automatically.
Status display During the backup progress, it can display the device id, name, group,

storage space, backup status and so on.



When all the data finished backup, the terminal will archive and classify all the data based on recording date/time, device number, username,

group name, video type, and video size and so on.

User associate When the BWC associated with one user, the terminal can read the data

from this BWC automatically.

Remark file The authorized user can login the software to make a mark or

description for any of the file that he has the authority.



Data Search

The authorized people can login the software to search any files based on recording date/time, uploaded date/time, unit number, officer number, officer name, group name, file type, data level, remark info

and so on.



The authorized people can login the software to playback any video he

have searched, and it support playback full screen, forward and back, pause and so on.

Download The authorized people can login the software and download the video

from the center server to local PC.

Data Empty The system will delete all the unmarked video and old data

automatically based on a certain time.

Upload All the marked video files will upload to the center server automatically

based on the grade and network status.

Picture sending The authorized people can login the software and send the pictures to

any terminal in the network.


Statistic report

The system can give the report based on office number, unit number,

officer name, group name, file type, data type, upload time, important grade and so on.

Upgrade The authorized people can upgrade the terminal remotely, or upgrade it

locally by loading the software through USB.

Backup The terminal can backup all the data automatically, also, center server

can remote backup all the file manually

System log System will record all operation log of the terminal.
Warning When the terminal has something wrong or the specie less than 100GB,

it will give sound alarm warning.

Backup type Support RAID1, RAID5, RAID10
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