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2MTK Tire Killer Speed Bump


  • Available in several sizes fron 13ft to 26ft
  • Intercept height is 2.2 inches
  • Easy to set up and operate

Product Documents

Tire killer, also known as the broken Tire device was originally designed to prevent vehicles avoiding toll stations. The product can be operated by manually or via remote control. The tire spikes can slow down vehicles with the tire puncture function, it is the essential in facilities to prevent vehicles forcibly entering. Ensures the safety for people and property. The tire killer’s
main framework is composed of A3 steel plate and steel plate blades, and has an integrated electronic-mechanical control device which helps intercept unauthorized vehicles and terrorists, and is reliable, safe and easy to operate.

Available Models

2MTK-134000 x 500 x 63 (mm) Intercept Height: 55mm /

13.1 x 1.6 x 0.2 (ft) Intercept Height: 2.2″ in

2MTK-175000 x 500 x 63 (mm) Intercept Height: 55mm /

16.4 x 1.6 x 0.2 (ft) Intercept Height: 2.2″ in

2MTK-206000 x 500 x 63 (mm) Intercept Height: 55mm /

19.7 x 1.6 x 0.2 (ft) Intercept Height: 2.2″ in

2MTK-237000 x 500 x 63 (mm) Intercept Height: 55mm /

22.9 x 1.6 x 0.2 (ft) Intercept Height: 2.2″ in

2MTK-266000 x 500 x 63 (mm) Intercept Height: 55mm /

26.2 x 1.6 x 0.2 (ft) Intercept Height: 2.2″ in



2MTK Dimensions

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Dimensions13.1 × 1.3 × 0.3 in
Full Dimension(Intercept Length+360mm) x 500 x 708 (mm) (Intercept Length+14.2″) x 19.7″ x 27.9″ (in)
Intercept Parts Dimension (LxWxH)(Various Lengths Available) x 500 x 63 (mm) (Various Lengths Available) x 19.7″ x 2.5″ (in)
Controller Modular Dimension (LxWxH)1360 x 360 x 708 (mm) / 53.5″ x 14.2″ x 27.9″
Controller Modular Weight170kg (included 1m/ Tire killer)
Tire Killer Length (Intercept Width)3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m /

9.84ft, 13.1ft, 16.4ft, 19.7ft, 22.9ft, 26.2ft

Each Assembly Modular Length1 meters / 3.3ft

Each Assembly Modular Weight

84kg if 4m/185.2lbs if 13.1 ft

product total weight is 170kg + 84kg x 3m = 422kg / product total weight is 374lbs + 185.2lbs x 9.8ft = 930.4lbs

Expansion Screws8 pcs M14 expansion screws per meters
MaterialsA3 steel
Distance between block- ing spikes140mm /5.5″ in (i.e. Tire Killer 4m/13.1ft: 28 Blocking Spikes)
Blocking Spikes Intercept Height55mm/2.2″ in
Blocking Spikes Thickness10mm / 0.39″ in
Rising Time≤ 2s
Top Plate Thickness10mm/ 0.39″ in (Q235 Material anti-slip decorative pattern board)
Weight CapacityStatic load 100 tons, through load 200 tons
Surface TreatmentAnti-erosion / powder coated
Movement PrincipleElectromechanical
Mode of ApplicationAssembly or Combination Type
Controller Cabinet (LxWxH)456 x 360 x 708 (mm) / 18″ x 14.2″ x 27.9″ (in)
Control ModeRemote or Button
Remote Control Distance≥30m (≥98.4ft)
Traffic LightOptional
Type of UseIntensive
Operating Voltage220V (+/- 10%) 50/60HZ (Optional)
Rated Power260W
Emergency Manual Operation (Power Off)Yes
Structure and Spike ColorStandard Yellow / Black, Spikes is Red, Optional
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 70°C

Operating Humidity