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2M Technology 2MX-150180 Heavy Duty Pallet and Cargo Inspection Scanner

  • 1505 x 1800(mm)/59.3″ x 70.9″ (in.)
  • High density penetration capacity of 160kv
  • 2x 17″ inch LCD monitors
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  • Threat alert and material classification
  • Baggage Counter

Note: This is a special order item. Allow 4-6 weeks for Delivery.

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The 2MX-150180DH is heavy duty x-ray inspection system with a tunnel opening of 59″ x 71″ inches. This scanner is designed for screening crates, cargo and pallet sized objects at all security sites, including airports and customs locations.

Key Features:

  • Radiation safe
  • High resolution, high penetration and good image quality
  • Multilingual operation
  • Automatic built in test and self-diagnostics
  • Super strong load-bearing capacity
  • Threat alert and material classification
  • Energy saving design
  • One key turn off with patent
  • Drugs and explosives detection
  • Sens-Tech detection board and Hamamatsu detector

**This machine is not a medical device. It is intended for industrial or security purposes only.**

Note: This is a special order item. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 

Weight 3100 lbs
Dimensions 280.6 × 95.4 × 92.05 in
Country of Origin


Tunnel Size (LxW) 1505 x 1800 mm / 59.3″ x 70.9″ (in)
Unit Weight 3100 kg / 6834.3 lbs
Unit Size (LxWxH) 7127 x 2422 x 2338 mm / 280.6″ x 95.4 x 92.05″ (in)
Gross Weight 3100 kg / 6834.3 lbs (Packed on wooden pallet)
Packing Size #1: 463 x 273 x 240 cm / 182.3″ x 107.5″ x 94.5″ (in)
#2: 176 x 171 x 53 cm / 69.3″ x 67.3″ x 20.9″ (in)
#3: 176 x 171 x 53 cm / 69.3″ x 67.3″ x 20.9″ (in)
#4: 113 x 89 x 142 cm / 182.3″ x 35″ x 55.9″ (in)
Conveyor Speed 0.2 m/s (0.66 ft/s) forward and reverse
Conveyor Height 350 mm
Conveyor Capacity 2000 kg / 4409.2 lbs
Frame Materials 304 stainless steel, 2-5 mm cold rolled plate and square steel, double-layer staggered lead impregnated safety curtain
X-ray Dose/Inspection ≤4.5μSv
X-Ray Leakage ≤1μSv/h at any point 5 cm outside the external surface. FDA standard is ≤5μSv/h
Steel Penetration 34 mm guaranteed
Wire Resolution AWG38 guaranteed
Penetration Resolution AWG32 guaranteed
Spatial Resolution 1.3 mm Horizontal, 1.3 mm Vertical
Power Consumption Max. 2KW
Noise <60 dB
Film Safety Guarantee ASA/ISO1600 Film
Anode Voltage 160 KV
Beam direction Horizontal
Cooling / Duty Cycle Sealed oil cooling / 100%
Monitor 2x 17″ (in) LCD monitors, 1280 x 1024
Console One console desk
CPU Intel (R) i3 (R) 3.3 GHz
Hard Disk 2 TB
Keyboard Special Design
Platform Windows® 10
Backup Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
Electric Roller Three-phase
Detector 3712 channels in an L-Shaped Array
Image Processing Color/black and white imaging, local enhancement, high penetration, low penetration, super enhancement, organic stripping, inorganic stripping, reverse color, brightening, darkening, gray level scan/variable density, continuously zoom maximum 64x, pseudo color imaging, organics enhancement, suspicious item alarm and notation, edge enhancement imaging, etc.
Explosives & Narcotics Detection Suspicious organics highlight (atomic number Zeff=7,8,9)
Suspicious Alarm Alarm and box line the suspicious objects including hard to penetrate material, explosives and drugs
Threat Image Projection (TIP) Insertion of fictional but realistic images of threatening items into baggage during screening operation for training purposes to assess image identification capabilities
Image Pullback 30 images
Image Archive Up to 100,000 images stored automatically, can be transferred to a USB disk, and converted to JPG, BMP and other general formats
Miscellaneous Functions Time/date display, counters, user management, system on/x-ray on timers, power on self test, built-in diagnostic facilities, bi-direction- al scanning, forced scanning, image search and export, system setting, system log, system standby and simulation training, etc.
Options Intelligent roller, remote work station, network integration, video monitoring, face recognition and baggage integration, recheck station, additional roller table, etc.
Operation Temperature 5 °C to 40 °C (41 °F to 104 °F) / 0%-90% (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -20 °C to 140 °C (-4 °F to 104 °F) / 10%-90% (non-condensing)
Operation Power 220V(10%~ -15%) 50±3Hz (Options: 100-130V, 200-250V, 60Hz)
UPS (Optional) Options: 15 mins, 30 mins, 60 mins, etc.
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