5 Improvements Container Ports Can Make with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

A significant portion of the world’s goods are transported across seas in cargo containers. Each of these containers pass through container ports at some point of the journey to their final destination. At these ports, trucks drop off containers to be loaded onto ships for export whereas other trucks pick up containers that have just arrived for inland transportation. Container ports are bustling with activity, with thousands of vehicles entering and exiting daily. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is helping to secure and streamline operations at container ports.

Prevent Theft

Integrating ANPR with automatic gate barriers accelerates the entry process and secures container ports. The entry process works like this: Each driver registers their vehicle in advance, providing their license plate number. When they arrive at the entry gate, an ANPR camera captures and reads the plate number. If the system recognizes the number, the gate barrier lifts to allow the truck to drive through. If the vehicle is not registered, the system sends an alert so someone can investigate. Using ANPR for access control offers more security by preventing unauthorized vehicles from entering and potentially stealing valuable goods. Additionally, ANPR systems log every vehicle that enters so if theft does occur, authorities can review the list and narrow down the suspect.

Accelerate Entry Processes

Besides making entry more secure, ANPR systems reduce wait times and congestion at entry points. Instead of requiring a guard to question each vehicle, access is instantly verified with a quick license plate scan. Furthermore, it’s important for container ports to know what kind of goods each vehicle is picking up or dropping off so they can direct them to the right dock. For example, dangerous cargo have to be stored in a safe area and refrigerated containers have to be in an area with electrical plugs. In addition, some trucks may be picking up multiple containers so they will need to go in a designated area with more space. With an ANPR system, the driver can include all of this information when registering their license plate number in advance. When they arrive, their plate scan will pull up the registered data so the entrance guard can send them to the correct location.

Optimize Operations

ANPR systems record each vehicle’s time of entry and exit, allowing ports to determine how long it takes for their workers to load and unload vehicles. If the process takes too long, it can cause shipment delays and frustration for both the buyer and seller. Tracking this data enables ports to monitor their turnaround time and make adjustments if necessary. Additionally, ANPR systems keep count of the number of vehicles so ports can determine peak traffic times. Using all of this information, ports can optimize their scheduling of shipment drop-offs and pick-ups. This results in minimal traffic, reduced waiting times, and improvements in delivery timeframes.

Provide Traceability

Before arriving at their final destination, each container passes through through several levels of the supply chain. Traceability is important for tracking the movement of containers and ensuring that goods are delivered on time. However, managing this can be difficult since there are so many containers going in and out of various channels each day. ANPR systems provide some traceability by recording when containers enter and leave and in which vehicles. This is possible by registering the containers with the license plate number of the vehicle that is transporting them. With this information, transport companies will be able to see where their shipments are and predict delivery times.

Reduce Labor & Fuel Costs

Container ports operate at all hours of the day, everyday. This means that a port will need to have at least one guard on duty at all times to man the entrance and exit gates. ANPR systems verify each vehicle’s access automatically, eliminating the need for security guards. The port may choose to station one person at the entrance to show vehicles where they need to go, but they won’t need a security guard to vet vehicles. Besides reducing labor costs, ANPR systems reduce waiting times at entrances. Using ANPR, ports can check each vehicle’s access instantly and establish where to send them. This means that vehicles are able to get in faster, resulting in reduced fuel costs. resulting in reduced fuel costs.

Upgrade Container Ports with PLACA.AI

ANPR technology has many applications, including making container port operations more secure, efficient, and cost-effective. If you’re looking to improve management, subscribe to PLACA.AI, our cloud-based ANPR software. You can integrate PLACA.AI with access control gates to automate entry and keep a record of each vehicle’s plate number, time of entry/exit, registered cargo information, and more. To subscribe or request a demo, please contact the 2M Technology sales team at +1 (866) 708-5401 or sales@2mtechnology.net!

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