5 Ways That Data Analysis Strengthens Physical Security

Physical security devices such as security cameras, access control systems, and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems are crucial tools for monitoring and preventing unauthorized access. However, these devices are not truly effective for physical security unless the collected data is meticulously analyzed. Data provided by physical security systems can reveal important insights and problems that the business didn’t even know it had. Data analysis is the basis for robust physical security, enabling businesses to identify potential threats, address vulnerabilities, and enhance overall security measures.

Detect Suspicious Activity

Reviewing data from physical security systems provides administrators with a complete picture of everything that is happening within the business. This makes it easier for organizations to identify suspicious activity so they can stop threats before they happen. Access control systems keep unauthorized individuals out, but they also track how each employee moves within the building. Analyzing the access logs can uncover abnormal behavior, such as an employee frequenting a department they don’t work in which may indicate an attempt to access sensitive information.

Identify Vulnerabilities

It’s not possible to completely eradicate threats, but businesses can learn from past incidents and prevent future ones. Playing back video footage after an incident allows security teams to see the events leading up to the event and identify vulnerabilities. If a store is dealing with a string of thefts, reviewing the footage can help them identify the reason. Perhaps the camera’s positioning does not provide a full view of the area or there are not enough employees on the sales floor. By identifying vulnerabilities, the business can implement new security protocols to address these issues and prevent future incidents.

Predict Incidents

By analyzing data from physical security systems, businesses can identify patterns and trends that provide insights into when and where incidents are likely to occur. A retail store may note that only specific items are consistently stolen or that theft tends to happen just before closing time. Additionally, reviewing vehicle logs from an ANPR system may reveal that a pair of vehicles are frequently seen together at a certain time, which may indicate an association with Organized Retail Crime (OCR). Predicting when and where incidents are more likely to occur helps businesses allocate resources and security efforts effectively.

Find Malfunctioning Hardware

Abnormal activity does not always indicate a security threat but rather, malfunctioning equipment. Data analysis enables businesses to find malfunctions so they can make repairs and reduce downtime. For example, if an access control system flags an employee’s badge due to excessive swipes, administrators can look at when and where it’s being swiped. If it’s being used at multiple out-of-state locations throughout the day, there may be an issue with the card reader since this type of movement is impossible. Finding malfunctioning equipment allows the business to address and rectify the issue, ensuring that their physical security systems are working properly.

Diagnose Equipment Issues

In addition to finding malfunctioning equipment, data analysis can help businesses determine the cause. If a business notices that only certain turnstiles keep breaking down, maintenance teams can review the usage rate of each turnstile. From this information, they can determine if the issue is quality related or if those turnstiles are being used more than the working turnstiles. If the latter is the reason, they can enact protocols to evenly distribute the foot traffic to all the turnstiles. Determining the cause of an equipment malfunction helps businesses to properly address the issue and prevent future ones.

Make the Most Out of Your Data with 2M Technology

It’s important to conduct regular analysis of data collected by physical security systems. Data analysis provides a full account of everything that is happening inside and outside of a business. When businesses have this information available, they are able to improve their physical security by detecting hidden threats and rectifying vulnerabilities. If you need a security camera system, access control system, or ANPR system, 2M Technology can match you up with the right products and develop a custom security plan for your business. For more information or inquiries, contact us at +1 (866) 708-5401 or at sales@2mtechnology.net!

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