Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labels

Optimize your business operations with 2M Technology’s Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Electronic Shelf Labels: Dynamic Content, Business Optimization, & Engaging Customer Experiences


Interactive graphics attract attention and enhances the customer experience

Real-Time Updates

Update content on the shelving signage instantly to showcase useful information in real-time

Dynamic Pricing

Make adjustments to prices easily and in less time than manual price tags

Minimize Errors

Prevent pricing errors and match in-store promotional prices to online prices

Enhanced Data

Display additional data like ingredients, inventory levels, reviews, and more

Powered by an energy saving
battery that can last up to
10 years

Highest rating of IP68
for water and dust

Designed to withstand
collision of up to

Ultra-thin design, only 7.8mm
thick, including the battery pack

Our 2.5D lens creates a better
visual experience by increasing
the transparency by 30%

Use in cool or normal areas
(0-40°C / 32-104°F)

Utilizes 3H degree lens for
improved resistance against
abrasions and scratches

Attract attention and visibility
with full-color graphics and

Choose between 7 different LED
colors (red, yellow, blue, green,
indigo, white, violet) and 100
flashing patterns for better
visibility and efficiency

Display barcodes or QR codes
for better product interaction
or management

Advanced Design for Simple Usage

We’ve taken the traditional ESL and made it sleeker but more robust with advanced features and durability. Use our Electronic Shelf Label with confidence knowing that it’s simple to manage and future-proof.

Industry Applications

  • Eliminates pricing errors by automating pricing updates and promotional deals.
  • Reduces time spent on changing out physical price tags and stickers.
  • Allows store to present additional information about products such as ingredients, reviews, recipes, or price comparisons.
  • Optimizes store pick-up orders by locating the requested item on the shelf for store associates to pick.
  • Store associates can check all the OOS products that need to be replenished and locate them quickly in the store.
  • Display important product information such as production dates, inspection dates, environment progress, and material information.
  • Promote sales, clearances, and discounts.
  • Instantly change prices to beat competitors.
  • Suggest wine pairings, cocktail recipes, or similar products.
  • Display inventory data like what sizes are in stock/available for each item to increase customer satisfaction and staff efficiency.
  • If an item is out of stock or unavailable in-store, the customer can scan the item’s QR code on display to view online purchase options. This expands sales opportunities to online channels while satisfying customer demands.
  • Allow customers to view additional details that were previously only available online such as reviews, outfit suggestions, and related items.
  • Adjust prices easily for promotions or seasonal clearances.
  • Provides customers with detailed car information such as new/used condition, make, model, production origin, and other specifications.
  • Advertise seasonal price promotions and limited special offers.
  • Instant and flexible price tag changes.
  • Instantly updates label when an automobile on display has been reserved by a customer and is no longer available for sale.

Food Service

  • Use as an interactive menu to provide customers with extensive details regarding allergens, ingredients, nutrition information, prices, and menu updates.
  • In the case of special events or reserved parties, the menu can display custom covers and set meal choices.
  • Digital menus eliminate the need to design and print costly new menus when food items are added or prices are changed.
  • Prevents the mistake of handing to-go orders to the wrong customer by displaying the order number and name of the purchaser. When the customer has successfully picked up their order, the next order can be updated on the screen.


  • Tracks the expiration dates of medicines and other medical items to prevent using expired products.
  • Using digital signage for patients can improve the accuracy of medical records by keeping all data in a central, accessible hub that can be updated in real-time.
  • Replacing paper door signs with digital signage allows hospitals to update room occupancy and bed allocation in just a few clicks so available rooms are immediately identified for use.
  • The paperless nature of ESLs improves hospital hygiene by eliminating any physical contact needed for printing and viewing patient identification labels.


  • Display the name of the room or section in a dynamic and creative way to pique attention and guide visitors.
  • Use for showcasing artwork descriptions which can be easily updated with new information or changed for different exhibits.
  • Allow visitors to scan a QR code to discover more information, listen to narrations and translations, or partake in engaging activities on their mobile devices.

Offices & Conference Events

  • Quickly check meeting room status and availability.
  • Showcases current event information as well as promote upcoming meetings and conferences.
  • Displays detailed information about seminars such as the name of the speaker, an abstract of the discussion, the duration, and how long until the next event.
  • Event managers can instantly switch to the next event instead of having to print and change out paper signs.

Warehouses & Distribution Centers

  • Reduces the amount of time spent searching for and picking items by automatically locating the product.
  • Automates workflows.
  • Check the status of cargo/packages.
  • Monitors the temperature and humidity of areas with temperature-sensitive products.
  • Update prices automatically instead of changing out paper price tags on thousands of items.
  • Contains additional product information such as storage requirements, instructions for shipping, and expiration dates.

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