Explosion-Proof Cameras Protect Assets & Workers at Scrap Metal Recycling Facilities

Scrap metal recycling facilities face unique safety and security challenges. Primarily, these facilities are susceptible to theft due to the economic value of scrap metal. While video surveillance is necessary to deter criminal activity, the increased risk of fires and explosions in these hazardous areas makes the installation of a standard security camera system risky. Using explosion-proof cameras addresses both of these challenges effectively. These cameras allow scrap metal recycling facilities to protect their assets while simultaneously ensuring the safety of their employees by reducing the likelihood of deadly explosions.

What Are Explosion-Proof Cameras?

Explosion-proof cameras are security cameras that are specially designed to withstand hazardous areas and provide surveillance even in extreme conditions. The security camera is protected by a specially-engineered housing or enclosure that prevents explosions. There are two ways that explosion-proof housings do this. Some enclosures are engineered to confine any sparks or explosions emitted by the camera, ensuring that they do not ignite the hazardous substances in the surrounding environment. Other housings contain pressurized inert gases that prevent explosive gases from entering the enclosure and igniting sparks emitted by the camera.

It’s important to use cameras that are specifically designed to be explosion-proof in hazardous areas because these areas have an increased risk of explosions or fires. Scrap metal recycling facilities often “handle large quantities of scrap metal that contain combustible, flammable, or explosive materials” (HSSE World). They also employ processes that may produce a significant amount of metal dusts, which can cause explosions (OSHA pg. 15). Opting for a security camera that is not explosion-proof carries a huge amount of risk, as even a minor electrical spark from the camera could ignite the surrounding environment and lead to catastrophic consequences.

Uses of Explosion-Proof Cameras in Scrap Metal Recycling Facilities

Using explosion-proof cameras offers many advantages to scrap metal recycling facilities. These cameras enable facilities to monitor the premises for potential threats while minimizing the risk of exposing their employees to explosions.

Prevent Scrap Metal Theft

Theft of scrap metal is a common problem due to the value of materials like copper, aluminum, bronze, and brass found in scrap. Installing explosion-proof cameras prevents theft from both trespassers and employees. The mere presence of security cameras acts as a deterrent because potential thieves will see that they’re being watched and are at a higher risk of being caught. Furthermore, the cameras also serve as an important tool for documenting instances of theft. The captured evidence makes it easier for law enforcement teams to identify and prosecute the person responsible.

Protect Valuable Equipment

Scrap metal recycling facilities often use expensive machinery and equipment in their operations. If a fire or explosion were to happen, the equipment could be severely damaged, resulting in prolonged downtime and costly repairs. Explosion-proof cameras reduce the risk of explosions by preventing sparks from the camera from igniting the hazardous surroundings. The cameras also provide continuous monitoring of the premises, allowing the facility to detect fires instantly through the camera feed and take immediate action.

Keep Employees Safe from Danger

Beyond protecting the assets of the facilities, explosion-proof cameras play an important role in enhancing the safety of the workforce. The constant surveillance allows security teams to vigilantly monitor the area for potential hazards. In the event of a hazardous situation, they can identify it quickly and carry out the necessary protocols. This not only reduces the risk of harm but also helps the employees feel protected. It assures them that their safety is a top priority and that there are effective mechanisms in place to detect and keep them out of dangerous situations.

Other Things to Consider

Monitoring scrap metal recycling facilities can be difficult due to the immense amount of footage, the vast unattended areas, and the constant flow of people entering and leaving. Integrating explosion-proof cameras with advanced software is a good solution for making surveillance easier for security teams.

Video Analytics

Video analytics are artificial intelligence algorithms that analyze real-time video footage and perform security-related functions. They have the capability to identify potential threats by learning the “normal behavior” within a given environment. For instance, the system may recognize restricted areas within a facility and flag a person’s presence in such an area as a potential threat. Security teams can sometimes overlook warning signs due to fatigue but video analytics eliminate human error, sending alerts when suspicious activity is detected. This capability enables scrap metal recycling facilities to identify instances of theft, fires, or any other potentially dangerous situations so they can respond quickly.

License Plate Recognition

For areas outside the facility, you should consider integrating explosion-proof cameras with license plate recognition (LPR) software. Scrap metal is quite heavy so the majority of thieves have to use a vehicle to transport the stolen items from the facility. Using LPR software increases the likelihood of apprehending these thieves by recording the plate number. With this information, law enforcement can access the registration data which could potentially lead them to the suspect.

Secure Scrap Metal Recycling Facilities with Solutions from 2M Technology

Explosion-proof cameras are indispensable for enhancing safety and security. They help deter scrap metal theft and minimize the risk of explosions for both the facility and its workers. By investing in explosion-proof cameras, scrap metal recycling facilities can significantly reduce the risks associated with their operations, making a safer and more sustainable industry for all. 

For all your explosion-proof surveillance needs, 2M Technology offers a comprehensive range, including explosion-proof cameras, housings, and accessories. Our cameras seamlessly integrate with our cloud-based software, including IFOVEA for advanced video analytics and PLACA.AI for efficient license plate recognition. We also specialize in designing customized explosion-proof enclosures suitable for any security camera, regardless of brand or style. We’ve already designed tailored explosion-proof housings for various brands such as Verkada, Canon, Avigilon, AXIS, and more.

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