Access Control Systems Prevent Accidents & Improve Operations in the Mining Industry

The mining industry is critical for resource extraction. However, mining sites have many security challenges due to their expansive areas, valuable resources, and heavy machinery. Access control systems are important in regulating access, enhancing safety measures, and optimizing the efficiency of mining operations.

Methods of Access Control

The mining industry can use a combination of container turnstiles and parking gate barriers to regulate the entry and exit of personnel. Container turnstiles monitor the movement of personnel between different areas, while parking gate barriers control the movement of vehicles.

Container Access Control Turnstiles

Mining sites often undergo physical changes and require access control systems that are flexible. Turnstiles prevent unauthorized entry while allowing authorized personnel through when presented with legitimate access credentials. Container access control turnstiles combine the security and efficiency of turnstiles with the portability of CONEX containers, providing a mobile solution for regulating entry. The turnstile comes installed within the CONEX box, eliminating the need for drilling or electrical wiring. They can be moved to any location quickly, offering an ideal solution for mining sites that deal with dynamic terrains and constant operational changes.

Parking Gate Barriers

Sites where travel by buses, vehicles, and machinery is common can benefit from integrating license plate recognition (LPR) technology with parking gate barriers. This setup allows personnel to pass through access points without the need to exit their vehicles, especially in hazardous locations. Vehicles no longer have to stop and present an access card or punch in a code for entry. Instead, their registered license plate number grants automatic entry upon scanning, streamlining the entry process. Besides being safer, this integration also boosts operational efficiency.

Uses of Access Control Systems

Access control systems are necessary in the mining industry for ensuring the safety of workers, protecting assets, and optimizing operational efficiency.

Prevent Fatal Accidents

Blasting is a common excavation method that involves breaking up rocks with explosives. Data from the Mine Safety and Health Administration indicates that flyrock and insufficient blast area security were the leading causes of injuries related to blasting incidents in surface mining. In one incident highlighted in the report, a local resident lost their life while walking near the area when a blast was detonated. The absence of guards at the access road leading to the blast area contributed to the unfortunate accident. Implementing an access control system at mining sites is crucial to prevent pedestrians from accessing blast areas, ensuring their safety and preventing such tragic incidents. 

Track Location of Workers

Monitoring the location of every worker can be challenging at mining sites due to the expansive area. However, it’s critical for mining sites to be aware of each employee’s whereabouts at all times to ensure that no one is present during a blasting operation. Implementing an access control system enables the mining site to monitor every employee’s location so they can be designated to safe zones before any blasting activity occurs. This enhances safety protocols, preventing potentially hazardous situations and ensuring the protection of all personnel within the mining site.

Protect Assets from Theft & Vandalism

Access control systems not only enhance safety but also significantly improve security within mining sites. Mining equipment and vehicles can be worth millions of dollars and their theft or vandalism can lead to extensive business costs in terms of downtime and repair expenses. These systems mitigate the risk of theft and vandalism by preventing unauthorized access. Additionally, an LPR access control system can restrict mining vehicles from leaving secured areas, effectively preventing vehicle theft. Beyond protecting vehicles, these systems are crucial in safeguarding valuable materials such as platinum, gold, or diamonds from theft by unauthorized individuals.

Monitor Employee Hours

Mining sites can also implement access control systems to monitor employee attendance and hours worked. This accelerates the entry process and eliminates the need for traditional time-clock systems. As employees enter and exit the site through turnstiles or gate barriers, the system automatically records their entry and exit times. This streamlined process allows mining sites to accurately track working hours for payroll purposes. Furthermore, the recorded hours aid in setting limits on the total hours an employee can work within a specific period, effectively curbing the risk of accidents due to employee fatigue.

Maintain Compliance with Safety Regulations

The mining industry has strict regulations concerning who can enter hazardous zones. With access control systems, mining sites can ensure that only qualified and trained personnel can access areas with strict safety protocols. They can manage entry permissions based on an individual’s competencies, including their position and level of training. This approach ensures compliance with regulations and significantly reduces the risk of accidents due to inexperienced workers. Additionally, these systems guarantee that workers are adequately trained and up-to-date on certifications. 

Manage Visitor Access

Besides workers, visitors such as trucks making deliveries or hauling away debris and byproducts from mining activities are common at mining sites. Using an access control system allows mining sites to authorize entry for approved visitors while blocking access to everyone else. These systems also ensure that approved visitors can only access specific secure areas while preventing them from entering other areas that they are not authorized to be in.

Mining Access Control Solutions from 2M Technology

Access control systems are a necessity in the mining industry. These systems not only control entry and manage personnel access but also enhance safety, mitigate the risk of theft, and streamline operations. If you’re in need of a mining access control system, 2M Technology has everything you need, including container turnstiles and parking gate barriers. Our systems are compatible with a variety of access control methods, including facial recognition, access cards, number codes, and license plate recognition. To start on your security solution, contact our sales team at +1 (866) 708-5401 or at You can also click on the links below to start a live chat with one of our security experts or request a free estimate.

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