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How to Choose the Best Quality CCTV Cameras 1

In the current day and age security cameras are considered an essential part of the security system of a home or a company. But with so many options around, it can be very difficult to figure out what kind of camera you want and how to get the most out of it. this article should help you figure out what the best camera might be based on your needs.

The importance of getting the right security camera

A very important thing to consider when trying to think of what camera to buy is what you plan on using it for. You have to be able to answer why you want to buy a surveillance system. Why is that so important? Because that answer will dictate what kind of surveillance cameras you should get as otherwise you will just be wasting money and it would be like throwing darts in the dark. The following are a few things to consider when you are looking to buy surveillance cameras:

  • Increasing the security: a new security camera system would definitely make your home or business more secure. If it is connected to a video recorder, you will be able to record the feed and watch them at your own convenience.
  • Lowering the probability of theft: An effect of security cameras that a lot of people seem to ignore is the fact that they can have a subconscious effect on possible thieves or burglars. If you have cameras that are visible in your property, it might deter thieves and burglars from following through with whatever law they were willing to break.

Indoor or Outdoor security cameras?

One thing to consider when you are considering what CCTV camera to buy is the fact that where you will place it is very important. Considering the fact that outdoor environments are a lot more volatile, there might be more reason to get a camera with a protective cover or a camera that is IP65 certified. Conditions are very manageable indoors and as a result, as long as your camera has a good quality of image that it provides, it should be good enough for you.

Wired cameras or wireless cameras?

The quality of the camera differs a lot when you have to consider which ones are wired and which ones are not. Wired CCTV cameras are very well known for their high quality resolution. They typically provide higher quality of images and you might be able to recognize faces or even license plates using those. On the other hand, wireless cameras transmit either recorded or live footage using a wifi network. These kinds of cameras do not need a cable connection. A good reason to consider these kinds of cameras is if you do not have a wiring in your house for wired cameras and you do not want to spend money on actually wiring the house for those kinds of cameras.

Deciding how to view your footage

Regardless of what kind of camera you have, you will have to figure out a way to actually view the footage that you get from your cameras. Security cameras are usually connected to a Digital Video recorder or a network video recorder depending on what kind of cameras you are using. You have to consider where you want to view the feed from your cameras. Depending on whether you want to view it on your pc, laptop, or computer you can choose the different options available to you. For example, if you want to view the feed on a mobile, you can simply use the mobile app that you get with the camera system. If you want to have a camera system that records continuously, you might want to have a system that has a lot of storage because otherwise you will not be able to find enough space to hold all the footage.

Different kinds of security cameras that might suit what you need

  • Wireless cameras: if you do not have existing wiring and can not afford to wire the property for security cameras
  • Dome cameras: they have a protective dome and are ideal for indoor security systems
  • Hidden cameras: They are good for placing in strategic location away from the eyes of people
  • Bullet cameras: these cameras are sleeker, smaller and are usually used in outdoor areas
  • PTZ cameras: useful when you have to have a wider view of an area
  • Professional box cameras: cameras that are mostly used outdoors

The features that you should look for regardless of what kind of camera you get:

At this point you might have decided what kind of camera you are getting based on your needs. So, you should be aware of the key features to look out for. Because regardless of what kind of camera you get, the key features always remain the same:

  • High resolution: the most important part of any security camera is perhaps going to be its resolution. The resolution will determine the picture quality and when it comes to security cameras the higher the better. You should make sure that your camera is at least 1080p and also keep in mind that the higher the resolution, the better.
  • Night vision: You might want to get security cameras that include infrared night vision so the condition of the lighting does not dictate how you surveil your property.
  • Motion detection sensors: If you want to limit how much footage you record and do not want to get an extremely big hard disk, you might want to consider getting a camera with a motion detection sensor because those cameras have the capability to only record when the motion detection sensor is activated.
  • Weatherproof design: an important thing for outdoor security cameras is to ensure that the volatile weather of the outside world does not impact them in a negative manner. In order to ensure that, it might be important to consider if your outdoor camera is certified to survive in those environments.

Which kind of surveillance system you buy will ultimately depend on your requirements and your financial capabilities. This blog should help you identify what kind of camera you need based on your demands. If you need more help in determining what kind of security system you need, then take our fun quiz to build your own system! If you need more assistance, then our sales consultants are available to help you.

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  1. It’s good that you provided tips on how to choose the best quality CCTV camera. My husband and I have been planning to consider a CCTV installation to check the children even if we’re not at home. Since you mentioned that the wired ones offer a high-quality resolution, I think we shall then go with this.

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