How to Choose a POE Camera Security System?

In the current day and age, internet protocol (IP) and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) camera systems are becoming really popular and they have quickly become the industry standard. Why you may ask. The reason being, they offer high quality images with an image resolution that ranges between 1080p to 4k ultra HD. They also offer features like live video feeds onto your TV or your phone and they are very easy to install as well.

When should you consider getting a camera system like this? If your building already has CAT5/CAT6 cabling, then you should probably consider getting this kind of camera system. If you are looking to upgrade to IP camera systems, this may be a good idea for you as well.

The basics of IP security camera systems

When it comes to buying security cameras like these, you could choose to buy your camera, your cable, and other proprieties from the same place or you could opt to buy them separately. Whatever path you choose to take, it is important to consider what your needs are and how much you are willing to spend to meet your requirements. The following is a list that might help you to purchase the perfect PoE camera based on your needs:

  • You need to figure out how many security cameras you will need based on the size of your property and how much ground you plan on covering
  • If you plan on placing your security cameras outdoors, you might consider getting IP 65 weather resistant and vandal proof cameras
  • Make sure you have enough storage if you plan on recording your feeds
  • Identify if you have the right kind of wiring for the cameras or the cameras that suit your current wiring
  • Whether or not you could upgrade your current surveillance system to a PoE system should be something you consider as well.

Selecting the right security camera for you

There are different kinds of security cameras out there and when opting to upgrade an existing security system or buy a new security camera system, a lot of customers seem to get confused. What do you really need? Do you need the highest possible quality of images? Do you need something that supports your existing CAT5/Cat6 cables? Or do you need vandal proof cameras that are better for outdoor use? Here are some different types of cameras that are suitable for different scenarios:

  • Wireless cameras: if you do not have existing wiring and cannot afford to wire the property for security cameras
  • Dome cameras: they have a protective dome and are ideal for indoor security systems
  • Hidden cameras: They are good for placing in strategic locations that are away from the eyes of people
  • Bullet cameras: these cameras are sleeker, smaller and are usually used in outdoor areas
  • PTZ cameras: useful when you have to have a wider view of an area
  • Professional box cameras: cameras that are mostly used outdoors

The features that you should look for regardless of what kind of camera you get:

At this point you might have decided what kind of camera you are getting based on your needs. So, you should be aware of the key features to look out for. Because regardless of what kind of camera you get, the key features always remain the same:

  • High resolution: the most important part of any security camera is perhaps going to be its resolution. The resolution will determine the picture quality and when it comes to security cameras the higher the better. You should make sure that your camera is at least 1080p and also keep in mind that the higher the resolution, the better.
  • Night vision: You might want to get security cameras that include infrared night vision so the condition of the lighting does not dictate how you surveil your property.
  • Motion detection sensors: If you want to limit how much footage you record and do not want to get an extremely big hard disk, you might want to consider getting a camera with a motion detection sensor because those cameras have the capability to only record when the motion detection sensor is activated.
  • Weatherproof design: an important thing for outdoor security cameras is to ensure that the volatile weather of the outside world does not impact them in a negative manner. In order to ensure that, it might be important to consider if your outdoor camera is certified to survive in those environments.

Reasons to choose IP surveillance systems

Investing in the best quality IP or PoE security system can be a really expensive venture and it may require a lot of people to think twice about making that decision. As a result, before making that decision, consider what your current system is like and if upgrading is really a worthwhile vocation based on that. Here are some reasons to choose IP surveillance systems over other systems if you still can not make up your mind.

  • IP surveillance systems are the highest quality cameras in the industry
  • They provide the highest quality video in a variety of resolutions ranging from 1080p to 4k
  • They are relatively easy to install with power over ethernet (PoE)
  • You can use only one cable for power, video, and audio
  • They do not require as many cables when compared to its competitors and that provides you with more versatility and a lower maintenance cost
  • If your property has CAT5 or CAT6 wiring, then this kind of system is perfect for you as it will not require new wiring.
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