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How to Configure Network on the Computer

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By default, the cameras’ IP addresses are in the network of 192.168.1.X, so if the computer is on a different network it will need to be reconfigured to reach the cameras and add them onto our Inspection System software.

There are two options for settings up the computer:

  1. Setting up a computer for camera access only
  2. Setting up a computer to be able to reach multiple networks

Setting Up a Computer for Camera Access Only

Setting up a computer for camera access only means that the computer will most likely not be able to reach any kind of outside network; it will be for local/on-site use only. First, you will need to open the Network and Sharing Center on the computer, and locate the network connection.

Click on the connection, and the Local Area Connection Status window will appear that will allow you to view the connection properties and details. Details will show the computer’s IP address, gateway, subnet mask, etc. Properties will allow you to edit the network connection. The only section in Properties that will need to be edited is the IPv4 connection. You will be able to either double-click IPv4 to open the properties, or simply select it and then click Properties.

You will need to edit the IPv4 properties in order to access the cameras. It will be edited as shown below:

Once you have finished filling out the appropriate information, click OK until you reach the Local Area Connection Status window again and close. This will save the settings and allow you to access the camera in Inspection System.

There is one more option, and that is if the computer already has a 192.168.1.X IP address. If this is the situation, then no settings will need to be changed, and the computer will be able to reach the cameras as long as the network is coming from the same location.

Setting Up a Computer To Be Able To Reach Multiple Networks

This setup will most likely be the preferred setup because it allows for the computer to be able to reach outside networks as well as the local/camera network. Please make sure that the computer is physically connected to the network through Ethernet connection for this configuration to work. You will begin the steps the same as the first setup: by opening the Network and Sharing Center and then pull up the Local Area Connection Status window. First, you will need to obtain the network settings of the computer. Do this by opening the Details window.

You will need to pay attention to these settings and note them:

These will be the settings that you will enter into the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties. An example is shown below:

After inputting the settings, click on Advanced in order to add on the camera’s network settings.

In the Add window, please input the settings as shown below:

The IP address and subnet mask look familiar because it is the same setup as in the first part of this article. Once that is finished, hit OK to save and close out of the setup. Now you will be able to access both the outside network and the camera from the same computer.

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