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How to Set Up Inspection System

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Click here to download Inspection System

Inspection System is used to manage the thermal camera 2MTHBB-3828. It is compatible with Windows 64-bit operating systems. You will need to use this software in order to view the temperature of people passing through in real-time.

Functions of Inspection System include:

  • Snapshot of people with high temperature
  • Ability to manually take snapshots in real time
  • Snapshots are saved into a local folder on the computer
  • Live view of temperature of passing people
  • Thermal view

First, you must set up the network of the computer in order for the software to be able to reach the camera. You can find the steps here.

Once the network has been set up, open Inspection System. If the camera login credentials have been left as default (admin and 123456), then the camera should connect automatically. If the password has been changed, you will need to edit the device.

You will only need to edit the password for IP camera which is the normal view. The IP camera, which is the thermal view, will not need to be configured and therefore, will not need its password changed.

Once the camera has been connected, it will look like this:

Even though the camera has now successfully been added, it still needs to be setup in order to accurately detect temperature. Click on System Config in order to begin the setup. It is separated into six sections:

  1. Image settings
  2. Temperature correction
  3. Position calibration
  4. Blackbody configuration
  5. Alarm configuration
  6. Advanced configuration

Image settings: This section allows you to edit the image of the normal view, and as well as the thermal view. There are 11 different infrared color palettes to choose from.

Temperature correction: The camera has a deviation of ±0.3°C, so there are methods to correct this. There are two options for Ambient temperature compensation

  1. Automatic correction: enter the environment temperature, and the software will automatically correct the temperature difference
  2. Manual correction: manually add or subtract a specific value from the temperature that the camera is showing without correction

Position calibration: This section is important for the camera to be able to detect temperature. There will be two points that you will need to configure, one on either side of the black body. You must make sure that Point 1 on the normal view coincides with Point 1 on the thermal view. The same goes for Point 2. (It is easier to choose two points on corners.)

Blackbody configuration: This section is where you will illustrate to the software where the blackbody is located in the camera view. A square will show, and you will only need to adjust it to where the blackbody is shown.

Alarm configuration: This section will allow you to set a high temperature alarm which is an alarm that will go off when a person is detected with high temperature (Warning: if a person is standing in front of the blackbody, it will show a high temperature because the blackbody is giving off its own temperature of about 35°C)

Advanced configuration: This section allows you to set the path where the snapshots will be saved to. This is also where you can toggle between the units Celsius and Fahrenheit.

After you have finished setting up all of these sections, go back to the Live view, and adjust according to your preferences.

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