Mini Camera Options from 2M

Surveillance cameras are useful to have in order to deter crime. Most of the time, when someone sees a security camera, they think twice about committing a crime because there’s a higher chance of getting caught. However, they’re not always a deterrent, but just an obstacle to look out for. With a noticeable camera, criminals could take care to mask their identities or avoid the camera’s view. Cameras can’t always deter crime, but they can always record them. That’s why one option for security would be to use a mini camera for covert surveillance. At 2M Technology, we carry a wide selection of these cameras to fit your needs.

Mini Cameras

Our mini cameras come in a variety of designs. When you’re looking for a mini camera, you can get exactly what you need to suit any environment. These cameras are slightly smaller than our regular cameras so they’re good for covert surveillance. But besides that, these cameras can be used for a sleeker aesthetic. Since they’re so compact, they draw less attention and are less bulky looking.

Mini Explosion Proof Cameras

When working in explosion sensitive areas, you won’t have to choose between safety or using a smaller camera. These are good for covert surveillance or for fitting in tight spaces. These cameras come in a miniature size but still abide by ATEX standards.

Micro Cameras

The last category of mini cameras that 2M offers are micro cameras. These function like other cameras, but they are extremely small. While the other types of cameras are regular cameras that have been shrunken down by a bit, these are smaller than the palm of your hand. Since they’re so small, they can be easily concealed.

If you’re interested in a mini camera from 2M, please contact us today! We can help you with any problem, big or small. Or should we say, mini.

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