Solutions for Education

2M Security Solutions for Education

Security & Protection

Keep students and staff safe with a comprehensive security plan that provides protection from the inside and out.

Faster Incident Detection

Stop potential threats from entering school grounds and respond to incidents quickly with security alerts.

Automated Monitoring

Minimize workloads for security teams with automated event detection and access control systems.

24/7 Surveillance

Continuous remote monitoring allows you to keep watch over your school campus at all times so you’re already ready to respond to threats, no matter where you are.

Reduce School Violence

Prevent school violence and mass shooting by detecting dangerous weapons early and stopping them from entering the building.

Immediate Threat Detection

Advanced video analytics uncover potential threats that might be overlooked by security teams so you can take action before they do.

Minimize Costs & Workloads

Our security plans minimize workloads for security teams by allowing them to monitor all areas from one location and eliminates the need for overnight guards.

Manage Visitors

Simplify the visitor management process. Screen visitors and keep a record of registered visitors.

Products for Complete School Security

Secure your school campus with the best security equipment and advanced software from 2M Technology.

Video Monitoring

Advanced IP security camera systems enable security teams to monitor all areas of the campus at all times from a centralized location.

Detect potential threats and respond quickly to detected incidents.

In the event that an incident does occur, recorded video footage can be reviewed to aid investigations or resolve disputes.

Cloud VMS

Manage all cameras through one centralized platform.

Access video data from anywhere and at any time through an online cloud portal.

Flexible storage and easy integration.

Advanced video analytics minimize false alarms and detect threats.

Metal Detectors

Detect dangerous weapons and contraband before they enter the classroom.

Access Control Terminals

Secure entrances with access control terminals to prevent unregistered individuals from entering the building.

Use to restrict access to teacher lounges, storage closets, or mechanical rooms.

Security staff do not have to physically monitor entrances.

Parking Security

Continuous remote monitoring of parking lots.

Keep a record of detected license plate numbers in case they need to be reviewed.

Easy management of staff, student, and visitor parking.

Choose The Best In Security

2 Year Warranty

All purchases come with a 2 year warranty to ensure your investment stays protected

Security Expertise

With over 19 years of experience, 2M Technology can help you navigate any security concern

Technical Support

If you have any problems with your purchase, our technical support team is ready to assist you

Our Clients & Testimonies

2M Technology has built security solutions for over 200 school campuses around the United States and we hope to start yours next. 

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