Turnstiles Solution for Movie Theaters

In the United States, more and more businesses are beginning to open back up. However, COVID-19 cases are still surging. Movie theaters in particular are considered as high-risk areas. Health experts state visiting movie theaters is a risky activity because people will be removing their masks to eat popcorn and drink soda while sitting in close proximity to others. But with access turnstiles, that risk can be dramatically reduced.

Turnstile Designs

We have a previous post that discusses the different types of turnstiles so this article will just cover a couple of designs that would be best suited for movie theaters.

Tripod Turnstile

These are the turnstiles that are frequently seen in public places like train and subway stations. They can come with 1, 2, or 3 arms that rotate vertically or drop down. The arms ensure that only one person can enter at a time. If access is denied, the arms will lock in place so that the person won’t be able to pass through.

Retractable/Swing Gate Turnstiles

These turnstiles are becoming more popular due to its sleek and aesthetically pleasing design. The glass gates are able to retract or swing open and close quickly, making it a good option for places with a lot of visitors.

Benefits of Turnstiles

  • Social Distancing: Turnstiles make a great choice for social distancing practices because employees won’t be necessary to scan tickets to allow entry. Visitors will be able to pass through to the theater by utilizing the turnstile on their own while an employee monitors from a safe distance.
  • Easy Integration: All of the turnstiles we offer at 2M are capable of being integrated with established movie theater ticketing systems. This offers convenience and makes sure that businesses won’t have to adopt and learn a new ticketing system.
  • Mask Detection: Our turnstiles are able to be installed with mask detection software. This ensures that all visitors are wearing masks as mandated by government ordinances. Non-mask wearers will be denied entry and asked to put on a mask to follow safety protocol.
  • Thermal Control Access: The turnstiles can also be equipped with thermal scanning software. The software is able to detect high body temperatures which may indicate a fever. A fever is a common symptom of COVID-19 so denying entry to those with high body temperatures may keep infected people out.


Reopening a business can be stressful, especially with so many safety regulations to put in place. We hope that this article was able to ease some worries by offering simple and effective solutions. If you’re interested in trying out a turnstile, then schedule a free live demo today! We also have a fun interactive quiz so you can build your ideal turnstile.

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