3 Solutions for Socially Distanced Gatherings

The holiday season means that many families and friends are planning social gatherings in order to spend time together. However, with COVID-19 cases still increasing, many people are concerned about how they can have these gatherings but still keep their loved ones safe. At 2M, we have a few recommendations to help you limit the risk of infection and have socially distanced gatherings.

Use a Portable Thermal Scanner

2MTHPH-1612 Portable Thermal Imager

One common symptom of the virus is a fever. As people enter, you can take their temperature with this thermal scanner to make sure no one has an abnormal body temperature. This device is compact and portable so you can have this available wherever you go. It’s also easy to use so anyone at your socially distanced gathering can use it.

Ask Screening Questions


Even though a fever is a common symptom, some infected people don’t show any symptoms. Since some people can be asymptomatic, they won’t have a fever for a thermal scanner to detect. For extra safety, you should send out and have everyone answer a series of screening questions before the socially distanced gathering. It’s not necessary to have the device in the video to ask the questions, but asking these questions are a good way to identify possible carriers. If anyone answers that they’re showing symptoms or have been exposed, they can be advised to stay at home to avoid the risk of infecting others.

Encourage Social Distancing

2MSDAS Social Distance Alert System Reminder Sign

Screening for exposure and high body temperature is important to limit the spread, but so is social distancing. At social gatherings, it can be difficult to remember to keep you distance so this sign can be used as a useful reminder. This sign detects physical distance and will send out a visual and audio alert if people are too close to one another. By using this sign, you can enjoy a socially distanced gathering.

Wrap Up

Spending time with loved ones is the best way to end a long year and to start a new one. Even though there are still COVID-19 cases, there are ways to help you have socially distanced gatherings. Using these products and methods can help you to keep everyone around you safe while still allowing you to enjoy each other’s company. However, remember to take other precautions like wearing masks and washing your hands frequently. If you would like more information on any of the products that we have discussed, then please get in contact with our sales team today!

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