4 Thermal Products for Holiday Business Protection

Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is coming soon which means holiday trips. Traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic increases your chance of getting or spreading the virus, but this risk is not limited to travelers. People who come into contact with these travelers like customers and employees are also at risk. Although health officials advise people to not travel, completely stopping travel is not possible. However, there are ways to prevent the spread of infection in businesses and workplaces with thermal products from 2M.

Instant Body Temperature Reader

2MITD-2 Standing Human Body Temperature Screening System

The holidays not only mean more travelers, but also more shoppers as well, especially shoppers who have been around traveling. The first thermal product that we carry would be great for businesses to screen for high body temperatures before entering. This contactless device instantly reads body temperature so you can screen out any potentially ill people. It also counts the number of people who enter so this would be a good way for stores to monitor their maximum occupancy without having to hire someone to manually count.

Thermal Access Control Turnstile

2MGST-4 Face Recognition and Thermal Detection Access Control Swing Turnstile

Turnstiles have been popular in workplaces because they only allow employees and authorized people to enter. But at 2M, we have added more safety precautions onto these devices. These thermal products are equipped with thermal scanners that can be used to detect abnormal body temperatures and mask usage. The turnstiles can also be integrated with key card access so workplaces won’t have to adopt a new system. In addition, they can be configured with face recognition to control access to restricted areas. We carry turnstiles in a variety of styles for different industries. If you would like to see which one would be best suited for your facility, then check out our short quiz below!

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Thermal Access Control Terminal

2MTHFR-2M Face Recognition Access Control Terminal with Digital Temperature Measurement Module

Like the turnstiles, these terminals can be used to control access. These devices can be programmed with face recognition for sensitive areas in the workplace. Not only that, these thermal products can detect high body temperatures and face mask usage. Using this device, employers can make sure that the employees that are entering are not ill and are taking extra precautions by wearing masks.

Screening Questions

2MTHFR-2M Face Recognition Access Control Terminal with Digital Temperature Measurement Module

For better protection, screening questions can be installed on the thermal product we mentioned above. Even though access control terminals can screen for high body temperatures, they don’t detect infected individuals who might not be showing symptoms yet. By adding on screening questions, you can ask people about their exposure in order to identify these individuals. You can even customize the questions to ask about recent traveling in order to take extra safety measures.

Wrap Up

Holiday travelers not only increase the risk of infection for themselves, but also for the people they will come into contact with after traveling. These travelers can be anyone you interact with on a daily basis like customers, employees, or coworkers. Although you can’t stop people from traveling, you can use these thermal products as an extra layer of protection.

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