Why You Should Use Cloud-Based Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) for Access Control

The development of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) has given businesses the ability to control access to parking lots and garages. By integrating ANPR with automatic barrier gates, access can be verified based on license plates instead of access cards or codes. ANPR technology has been around for awhile, but the introduction of cloud computing takes it to a whole new level. Cloud-based ANPR access control systems make the parking experience more efficient, secure, and user-friendly.

How It Works

The process for using cloud-based ANPR access control systems is very simple. Each vehicle stops in front of the automatic gate barrier and a stationary security camera captures the license plate number. The security camera is connected to a cloud-based ANPR service, like PLACA.AI, that reads the plate number. After analyzing the plate image, the software compares the number to a database. If the license plate number is registered in the database, the gate barrier will automatically open to let the vehicle drive through. If not, the gate will block the vehicle from entering and the system will alert management.


Using the cloud’s processing power to analyze plate images enhances the efficiency of ANPR technology, making access control more reliable and quick.


Cloud-based ANPR access control systems are more effective for preventing unauthorized access. Instead of requiring each person to scan an access card or punch in a code, access is verified with a quick license plate scan. Vehicles cannot be easily transferred like cards or codes so this method prevents authorized personnel from giving their access to someone else.


Using plate data to verify access is also a lot more convenient because it does not require the user to carry around an access card or remember a special code. All they need is their vehicle so they will never have to worry about forgetting or losing their access credentials. Not only is this more convenient for the user, but it’s also more convenient for the business. There’s nothing for the user to forget or lose so the business won’t have to deal with creating new cards or granting temporary access.

Seamless Entry

Cloud-based ANPR access control systems streamline the entry process by validating access with a quick license plate scan. Users no longer have to fumble with access cards or spend time looking up their number code if they forget. All they have to do is stop at the gate barrier for a few seconds and drive through. This makes the process user-friendly and prevents long lines from forming at entrances.

Reduced Costs

Verifying access with license plates saves businesses money in the long-run. It eliminates the need for businesses to procure and distribute access cards or create codes. The only costs associated with using a cloud-based ANPR access control system come from the security camera, gate barrier, and the subscription to the cloud service.

Low Maintenance

Traditional ANPR access control systems require more maintenance because they require more hardware. In a traditional setup, you have to maintain the kiosk with the card reader or number pad, the storage device, and the specialized ANPR camera. Additionally, all updates to the ANPR software have to be manually installed. Cloud-based ANPR access control systems do not have a kiosk or storage device to maintain and all software updates are done automatically in the cloud.


Cloud-based ANPR access control systems store data in the cloud so scaling up is relatively simple. Expanding the system can be done just by upgrading the service subscription and connecting new cameras to the cloud. Furthermore, management is easier because businesses can connect and oversee multiple properties from one centralized platform.


There are many industries that can benefit from using cloud-based ANPR access control systems.

  • Office Buildings: Businesses can use cloud-based ANPR access control systems to boost their physical security. By blocking unauthorized individuals from accessing the parking lot, they are also blocking their access to the building the and equipment inside. This type of system is also useful for preventing clients of the surrounding businesses from taking up spots in employee lots.
  • School Campuses: Cloud-based ANPR access control systems can help college campuses manage their lots and reduce workloads for parking enforcement teams. Instead of hiring someone to check each vehicle for a parking permit, parking will be validated with a license plate scan at the gate.
  • Residential Complexes: Apartments can use cloud-based ANPR access control systems to keep unauthorized visitors out while making the entry process more convenient for tenants. If a tenant is expecting a visitor, they can register their license plate in the system. This will give them automatic access when they arrive so the tenant won’t have to buzz them in or give them a code. This type of access control system also benefits gated communities by eliminating the need for a security guard to vet each vehicle upon entry.
  • Storage Units: Customers use storage units to store valuable items, making them common targets of theft. Using a cloud-based ANPR access control system reduces theft by only allowing authorized customers in. The system also takes note of each vehicle’s time of entry and exit. This information would be useful for preventing customers from unlawfully living in their units.

Secure & Convenient Access Control with PLACA.AI

Using ANPR to control access is not new, but combining the cloud with ANPR technology enhances efficiency and performance. PLACA.AI is a cloud-based Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) service that you can integrate with existing access control systems. The service provides maximum security and flexibility, but at a minimal cost. To sign up for PLACA.AI or receive more information, please contact the 2M Technology sales team at +1 (866) 708-5401 or sales@2mtechnology.net

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