7 Industries That Should Use Solar-Powered CCTV Trailers

Every industry can benefit from using video surveillance, whether it’s to protect valuable assets, deter criminal activity, or keep the public safe. However, not all industries are the same and have the same circumstances. Some industries are in locations that lack the necessary infrastructure and resources to support a traditional security camera system. When it comes to these industries, solar-powered CCTV trailers are the best solution for providing video surveillance to remote areas.


Construction sites are often in remote, undeveloped areas. Installing security camera systems in these areas is not possible because they lack electricity and infrastructure. Construction sites are also temporary so a permanent installation is not ideal. However, these work sites need proper monitoring to prevent expensive equipment from being stolen or vandalized. Companies also need to ward off any trespassers because they could be held liable for any injuries. Construction companies can benefit from using solar-powered CCTV trailers because they provide 24/7 monitoring without the need for electricity or installation on existing infrastructure. Furthermore, the trailers are portable so they can be taken to the next location after construction is finished.


Pretty much every retailer has a security camera system inside their store to watch for theft, but parking lots are usually ignored. Without an electrical power source nearby, it’s not feasible to install a traditional security camera system. Furthermore, parking lots are wide, open spaces so it would take a lot of resources to build the necessary structure to mount cameras on. Solar-powered CCTV trailers solve all of these issues and allow retailers to monitor their lots at all hours. The presence of video surveillance deters any criminal activity and helps customers feel safer. In addition to preventing theft, the trailers allow businesses to collect more footage of any shoplifters which can aid investigations. For example, the camera captures what kind of car the shoplifter was driving which can help law enforcement track down the vehicle.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies need to have their eye on every public location to prevent and respond to criminal activity. However, some public places, like parks or forests, cannot support the installation of traditional security cameras. But close monitoring is necessary to protect the safety and well-being of every person in these areas. Solar-powered CCTV trailers provide this monitoring and allow law enforcement teams to detect potential threats and emergencies faster so they can take action. They also deter criminal activity, such as illegal dumping, which can impact the water supply.

Disaster Response

Natural disasters don’t happen often but when they do, solar-powered CCTV trailers are important tools for emergency responders. The trailers provide emergency responders with a complete view of the affected areas so they can strategize rescue efforts and distribute resources. This includes determining which areas need more supplies, where to dispatch rescue teams, and where to set up emergency centers. Without monitoring, emergency responders won’t be able to make quick decisions or coordinate rescue efforts which can potentially put lives at risk.


Universities typically have vast parking lots spread all around the campus to support thousands of commuters. But as the number of vehicles increases, so does the risk of criminal activity. Incidents such as car theft, assault, and vandalism are common occurrences. Solar-powered CCTV trailers allow schools to monitor every lot and ensure the safety of each student. If any crimes or disputes occur, school officials will be able to review the security footage and accelerate investigations.

Critical Infrastructure

The critical infrastructure industry is responsible for providing us with the resources we need and use every day. This industry includes transportation systems, water systems, energy, and much more. However, things like water and oil pipelines, railways, and highways can span hundreds of miles, crossing into extremely remote areas. Monitoring with solar-powered CCTV trailers is crucial in these areas to prevent the destruction of equipment and infrastructure. Video surveillance is also useful for protecting the workers in these areas as it allows agencies to dispatch aid quickly in case of accidents or emergencies.

Event Management

Like construction sites, special events often take place outdoors where there’s no electricity available. Not only that, these kinds of events are always changing locations so installing a permanent security camera system is not ideal. Temporary events can benefit from using solar-powered CCTV trailers as they can be moved to different locations and set up quickly. This keeps attendants safe and helps event organizers to monitor for incidents such as crowd surges or medical emergencies.

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