Face Mask Detection Cameras

It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic first started and our society has gone through a lot of changes during that time. One of the biggest changes has been the shift towards wearing a face mask to help minimize the spread of infection. Even though the vaccine is beginning to be rolled out, experts predict that there will still be a need for face masks after COVID-19. And when there’s a need for face masks, there’s a need for face mask detection cameras. Here’s everything you need to know about this new emerging technology.

Changing Social Norms

Before the pandemic hit the United States, it was uncommon to go out in public wearing a face mask. Now, it’s a requirement in the majority of cities. However, face masks are not a new trend. Face masks have been used for years in many Asian countries, especially after the SARS outbreak in 2003. Even though there hasn’t been a new SARS case in years, many people still use face masks to protect against illnesses or inhaling dust and pollution.

Even though face mask usage is a recent adoption by most of the western world, a lot of people have expressed their support for using them beyond COVID-19. Throughout the pandemic, our ideology has shifted from only caring about the individual to caring about society as a whole. Although wearing a face mask might be uncomfortable for the user, it protects the user and everyone else from infection. COVID-19 will eventually cease to be a threat, but face masks will still be used to protect everyone from other illnesses like the flu.

How They Work

Face mask detection cameras are able to recognize mask usage using a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. With these two things, the system is able to learn and recognize what someone wearing a face mask looks like. Mask recognition can sometimes be confused with face recognition, but these are two very different things. Mask recognition can only detect when someone is wearing a mask; it cannot link a person’s face with their identity like face recognition.

Why Use Face Mask Detection Cameras?

In order to explain why face mask detection cameras are necessary, we should first discuss why face masks are so important. Even though wearing a face mask does not guarantee immunity from infection, they do help to slow the spread. A lot of establishments are trying to minimize the spread by screening their visitors for high body temperatures, but this is not the most effective solution. Not everyone who is infected will show symptoms but wearing a face mask is an effective barrier.

The main benefit of using face mask detection cameras is that it automates compliance. One issue that business owners have been having lately is visitors getting aggressive and defensive when told to put on a mask before entry. These situations are uncomfortable for the other customers and staff members and can sometimes lead to violent outbursts. Face mask detection cameras offer a more peaceful and non-confrontational way of enforcing mask usage.

Besides providing a more peaceful enforcement, face mask detection cameras also make it easier for businesses to check everyone. If a business has a lot of employees or visitors, it can be difficult for them to manually check each person on a daily basis. Face mask detection cameras automate this checking so that it’s less strain on the businesses.

Even though face mask detection cameras were developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there might still be a place for them in our future. COVID-19 will eventually pass, but the habits we picked up will stay. Face masks and face mask detection cameras will continue to be used to provide a safer and healthier future. If you would like to learn more about these devices or have any inquiries, be sure to contact us today!

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