How Heat Sensors let you Adapt to the Post Lockdown World?

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With lockdowns being lifted all around the country, infection rates are rising in every state in the USA. At this point, you might be concerned about the safety of your employees and your business as things are becoming more dangerous day by day. If you want some peace of mind in these troubling times, you should consider getting an infrared heat sensor system for your business. They give you a way to know if any of your employees have a high enough temperature. That way, you can be proactive and learn if anyone might have an elevated temperature and are showing signs of an infection. It allows you to be proactive instead of being reactive and that is super important in times like this.

The thermal detectors usually do not require to be touched or do not need any kind of direct contact. As a result, they are very safe to use as you are not risking spreading the infection. The way they work as shown in the video is that you place them in your entrance so you can measure the temperature of your employees as they come in. They then enter the capsule and then the machine measures their temperature. The sensors are placed in different heights so that employees of all heights can be measured without any issue whatsoever. You can set up the machine in such a way that the doors do not open if the individual has a temperature that is above a specific limit. You can also set up the machine in such a way that it sends you an alarm and sends the security officials to make sure that the symptomatic individual can not enter the premises of your business. 

The best part about technology like this is that they are very flexible in how they are used. Because they are typically not that big, you can use them almost everywhere. They can be used in schools, hospitals, offices, government agencies, and stations to name a few places. The most optimal way to use the system might be to make sure that nobody symptomatic can enter a specified area. But they can be used in other ways as well.

Here are the features these come with

  • They are usually lightweight and as a result, very portable
  • They are very easy to set up and use and they do not require a lot of maintenance.
  • The sensors are usually located on different heights so that people of all heights can be measured quite easily.
  • The sensor used in the machines provides very accurate information
  • There is no delay in the machine whatsoever. Within a few seconds of a person being within the range of the sensor, the machine can pick up their temperature.

Integrating heat sensors to your current system

You can easily add heat sensors to your current access control system. Most access control systems have a database that lists all the employees. You can set up your system in such a way that once someone enters the premises and their temperature is checked, the system then assigns that temperature to that individual in the database. That way, you can check the temperature of individual employees at any point. If you wish to do so, you can also use analytics to keep track of any trends in the temperature of the employees. If you see the temperature of a certain employee rising during a certain period, it may be worthwhile to give them a break. These are difficult times and you can never be truly careful.


Hopefully, this blog was helpful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us or check out some of our other articles. 

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