How to Social Distance at Work?

For the past 4 months, we have been practicing social distancing and maintaining 6 feet away from each other, which clearly has been difficult for everyone. The question is what is social distancing? Social distancing is the practice of staying 6 feet away from others to help prevent the spread of Covid-19?

2M technology has come with a friendly solution to remind you to do so. Our Innovative Social Distancing reminder with proximity sensor would ensure both social distancing and touch-less interaction with each other. This would eliminate any awkward moments reminding people to stay 6 feet away from you. As one individual gets in proximity to the sensor, this signage would turn red with a beep-beep sound friendly reminding us to respect the protocol and it will turn green when the individual gets 6 feet away.

If you’re in crowded space like the grocery check out line, the bus wait line, or the line to get in any facilities, it’s still required to keep 6 feet of space between yourself and others at all times. For example, 2M Social distancing reminders could be placed on office desks, restaurant counters, or reception desks to remind maintaining social distance

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