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How to come back to school during a global pandemic?

Portable Thermal Imager

The dual-view/dual-spectrum infrared body temperature rapid screening instrument is mainly developed based on the principle of infrared thermal radiation. It uses a non-refrigerated core and low signal-noise image processing technology. It is a non-contact, real-time, continuous and accurate Temperature measuring equipment. At the same time, a dedicated software system can be used to visually display the temperature information of the temperature measurement objects. It can be used for entry-exit health quarantine at customs, airports, stations, terminals, land ports, and epidemic prevention in key places such as schools, hospitals, office buildings Control scenes are widely used

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Temperature Measurement Facial Recognition Terminal

2MTHFR-2M digital temperature measurement face recognition access control terminal is an access control device with precise recognition rate, large storage capacity and fast recognition, which integrates 2M face recognition technology and non-contact temperature detection technology. The digital temperature measurement module supports rapid body temperature detection. Thus, the product can achieve face recognition and temperature detection at the same time, and support warning people with abnormal body temperature.

Key Features:

  • Non-contact detection,
  • Detects people with abnormal body temperature
  • Verifies personnel information and detects their temperature
  • Set temperature detection settings
  • Measurement range is between 30˚C to 45˚C,
  • Accuracy can reach 0.1˚C, measurement deviation is less than or equal to 3˚C
  • Measurement distance is 1 meter
  • Learning algorithm
  • Face recognition accuracy rate > 99%, false rate <1%

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Walk-Through Temperature Measurement Gate

The human body temperature measurement metal security gate is a multi-functional security and safety check walk through metal detector. It can be used to detect whether there is metal contraband and whether the human body temperature is abnormal.  The walk through metal detector is equipped with two body heat sensors. One at face level heat the other at lower level height for wrist detection.

Key Features:

  • Detects human body temperature measurement
  • Metal Detector
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Temperature can be measured on the wrist or forehead
  • Sensors are located at different heights on both sides for people of different heights
  • Temperature measurement distance: 4-8cm, error <0.5˚C
  • Non-contact detection to avoid cross infection

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