Printing Temperatures for Turnstiles

Turnstiles have been around for years in many businesses and workplaces. They’re a great way to control entry and can be used in combination with ticketing systems at venues or face recognition to protect restricted areas in prisons. Some turnstiles can even be integrated with a badge printing system. These access badges can be printed out instantly to allow the user authorized entry and can contain information like the person’s name, their picture, and date of access. But as COVID-19 cases increase in the United States, more places are starting to screen for high body temperatures as a way to keep infection out of their buildings. Now, body temperature is another important piece of personal information that businesses and employers want to know.

Current Thermal Methods


Instant thermal cameras can display the temperatures of multiple people in real-time

One way to always be aware of someone’s body temperature for safety reasons is to use a thermal camera. Thermal cameras are devices that are able to instantly detect and read temperature. These devices can track people’s movement and display each person’s temperature on the camera. They’re useful because it can read the temperature of multiple people at a time and is continuous. However, these cameras are limited to only showing about less than 20 people at a time. Not only that, bigger spaces that require multiple cameras in different areas can rack up large expenses.


Visitors must be checked one-by-one when using a thermal gun

Most places use a thermal gun in order to check temperature, but it’s not efficient when it comes to a lot of people. A thermal gun requires each person to be checked individually by someone else and doing this can take up a lot of time. It’s also not as safe because the temperature checker needs to be at a close distance from the other person. In addition, places with multiple access points would need to hire multiple people to check temperature at each place. Doing this drains resources and wastes time.

Printing Temperatures: The Safer Alternative

Integrating a turnstile with temperature printing would be a better alternative. One turnstile would be more cost efficient than a singular instant thermal detector and is useful to control access. Using this system would allow businesses and employers to screen people for high body temperatures before they enter. The turnstiles operate very quickly to allow for steady entry to prevent any clusters from forming. They also do not require another person to manually check everyone.

Using this solution, each person will be able to print out their temperature after they have been scanned so that they will always have this information with them. This way is safer and saves time in places with multiple access points. By having the temperature already printed out, that person can prove that they have a normal body temperature without having to be scanned again. All important information will be on the access badge along with body temperature for convenience. This method is also good for keeping record of everyone’s temperature on a daily basis. If someone were to be infected, they could go through the printed records to determine when and how it started.

Badge printing is already an important technology that has been integrated with access control turnstiles. Being able to print out temperatures is another barrier against the spread of infection and it’s always better to take too many precautions than not enough. If you’re interested in getting a turnstile but aren’t sure where to start, then take our fun quiz below to see which of our turnstiles would be the best fit for your facility.

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