Temperature check “the new normal” at restaurants?

Screening temperature at the beginning of the work shift has become the new normal. A lot of states like Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Michigan, and Minnesota require temperature screening for workers in the food industry. Other states like Texas, Tennessee, Illinois, or South Carolina recommend practicing this new protocol.

Vaccine or no vaccine, it is important to protect the workers during this pandemic. Whether it is screening temperature, wearing masks, or wiping all surfaces with disinfectant after each use. All precautions must take place. Even before this whole global pandemic, maintaining hygiene in the food industry is essential so considering the world we’re living in today keeping a safe and virus-free house seems unquestionable.

While many white-collar workers have the option to work from home, workers in the service industry do not have that privilege. With the country being open again, they have to go back to work and survive each day. Our thermal temperature screening detector appears to be the solution. Customers at the entrance are asked to scan themself while waiting for a table. Temperature results are color-coded as green or red. Green means that they have a healthy temperature and are welcome for a table. Red means that they have a high temperature and are politely asked to leave the restaurant. That way, restaurant managers could keep track of all customers in the house, and customers themself could happily enjoy their dinner.

The idea of dining out in a restaurant is the whole memorable dining ambiance. What’s the point of dining out if they can’t enjoy the time at the restaurant itself? A lot of restaurants have started doing that for example the famous Chinese restaurant chain Sichuan Impression with three locations in LA. California. They have been testing customers’ temperature before entry since the beginning of March. Here, we are two months late in the process. Installing our standing human body temperature screening system at the entrance to detect the temperature in a few seconds with no contact. Another solution is displaying our infrared thermal detector at the front desk before checking for a table with the host. These thermal temperature screening systems are absolutely non-contact and measured temperature through the human wrist to prevent any cross-infection. Real-time alarm and display of measured temperatures are convenient and time saving for everyone. The accuracy rate is 99%. As for workers, they could clock in and out with our heat sensor access control that detects and monitors their temperature. Without physically typing in their id number or swiping their card, they could clock in with the smart facial recognition feature even with masks on. While waiting for a magical vaccine, restaurant owners are urged to take precautions and start saving their revenue source. If you would like to implement better methods of temperature checking, then be sure to contact our sales team today.

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