Covid-19 Thermal Screening Solutions

In the middle of a global pandemic where workers are anxious about returning back to work, companies are trying their best to prevent the spread by practicing different protocols. The stay-at-home order is not effective anymore in most states and businesses are back to be open. To slow down the infection rate, 2M technology is presenting a new series of thermal solutions for these challenges. 

As a leading technology company, we urge the need of coming up with new solutions. Our team has been working days and nights to launch out this series. Our series includes social distance fever screening systems, body temperature detection cameras, touch-free thermometers, and portable thermal heat detectors. Our main focus is on providing contactless solutions. Why contactless? We believe it’s not safe for users to be physically in contact with screening thermometers. It’s also easy to get cross-infection. Another concern is that 2M doesn’t want to give the employees the stress and the discomfort of being manually screened.  We also think it’s a waste of time using the traditional thermometers method to monitor the human temperature. Why? The traditional thermometers require inspectors to do the job and to keep track of everything. Once again, inspectors are put at risk increasing the infection rate. It’s not smart keeping data offline while with the technology we have today, we can automatically document all data. Our face recognition access control detects and alarms any abnormal body temperature through the human wrist or forehead. Presenting with other smart features such as facial recognition even with masks, and easy search by temperature range, or by face, this non-contact detection slows down the infection rate and flattens the coronavirus curve.  

We’re launching two main series to fit all budgets. For small businesses with a tight budget, we use the heat sensor technology to measure the temperature up to 3 feet. This is perfect for retail stores, restaurants, nursing homes, and pharmacies. For bigger public institutions like airports, convention centers, grocery stores, shopping malls, office buildings, and airports, thermal imaging technology is recommended and measured up to 30 feet respecting social distancing. Our thermal cameras detectors can support 10 – 20 targets at once with a smart cloud base maintenance. Our 2MTHBB 4030 model can scan up to 20 faces at the same time. If you want to install yourself, we will ship you all the assembly parts with the manual guide on how to install it. If you need help, we will have our technicians coming over and help you.

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