Thermal Scanners Post COVID-19

Thermal scanners have seen an explosive increase in demand since the outbreak of COVID-19. Their demand has increased so much that the FDA has decided to deregulate these devices to meet demand. Many industries and businesses are using thermal scanners as a way to screen people for high body temperatures, which may indicate the presence of a fever. But the question that many people have is, will there be a need for thermal scanners post COVID-19?

Changing Habits

Due to the pandemic, many people were forced to re-evaluate and change their habits and adjust to the “new normal”. Some of these things included: wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands frequently, and checking body temperature. Even though some places have been relaxing their mandates on mask usage and social distancing, scanning body temperature is something that is still very prevalent.

Even after cases subside, experts predict that there will still be a need for thermal scanners. Now, checking body temperature has become a social habit. People won’t just be taking temperature to screen for COVID-19, but for other illnesses as well. The pandemic has caused people to be more aware and conscious about their health and the possibility of spreading illnesses.

The Future of Thermal Scanners

After COVID-19 cases subside, there will still be a need for thermal scanners in order to prevent a second wave. Even though the public may be more lax about social distancing, screening for fevers will still be practiced because it is a convenient precaution. Enforcing social distancing practices can be difficult with so many people, but checking temperature can be done easily and instantly.

Besides screening for the virus, these devices can be used to screen for other illnesses that have abnormal body temperature as a symptom, like a cold or flu. Every year, especially around flu season, many people get sick and have to take off of work. Not only that, some people might still go to work while sick and infect their coworkers, leading to more people having to call off. Checking each person’s temperature would be an easy way to identify sick individuals and minimize the spread of illness.

Wrap Up

Thermal scanners have been increasing in demand due to their ability to screen for fevers, but their use is not limited to COVID-19. These devices will continue to have a strong place in our future because they promote a safer and healthier environment. If you have any inquiries about these products, then please get in touch with us!

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