2M Thermal Solutions for Hotels

The Current Issue

Even though health officials advise the public to limit traveling in order to control the spread of COVID-19, some people still need to travel for things like business. However, traveling during a pandemic is risky because you could be potentially spreading the virus to places that don’t have as many cases. Hotels in particular are high-risk areas because of the amount of travelers that stay there. Hotels don’t have the option to shut down because they’re essential but people are wary about staying there because of the risks so a plan must be implemented for a safe environment. Using thermal solutions from 2M could help hotels rebuild customer confidence and reboot business with safer products and measures.

2M Thermal Product Solutions

Standing Temperature Imaging Device

Many places already screen for high body temperatures using a thermal gun, but this method can be time consuming and unsafe. With a thermal gun, each person would need to be checked individually by an employee. Checking people one by one takes time and puts the employee at risk of contracting the virus due to the close distance. This thermal solution from 2M would be a better alternative. This device reads temperature instantly to make the entry process quick. The thermal device can be used by visitors so that an employee won’t be needed to check everyone. It’s also better for reducing contamination because it detects temperature from the wrist without requiring the user to touch anything. The design can fit into any interior and offers the ability of people counting to manage maximum capacity.

Summary of Key Features

  • Contactless
  • Highly accurate, measurement deviation of ≤ 3˚C
  • Adjustable pole for different heights
  • Measures temperature within distance of 1-4cm
  • Sleek design
  • People counting
  • Alerts of abnormal temperature

Thermal Access Control Turnstiles

Using turnstiles is a good way to keep hotels safe by ensuring that only authorized hotel staff and visitors are permitted inside. These turnstiles have gates that open and close automatically which limits physical contact to minimize the risk of infection. They also are equipped with thermal imaging and will deny access if someone is detected to have a high body temperature. This allows hotels to screen for infected people to keep other visitors safe. The design of the turnstiles can be used in any setting without sacrificing aesthetics or safety.

Key Summary of Features

  • Fast entry, pass rate of 35 people/min
  • Unlock time of 0.2s
  • Visually appealing design
  • Contactless
  • Voice alerts of abnormal temperatures
  • Can be integrated with face recognition
We carry turnstiles in a variety of styles for different industries. If you would like to see which turnstile would be best suited for your facility, then take our fun quiz below!
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Fast Screening Thermal Camera

For hotels with more foot traffic, a thermal scanning camera would be the best solution. Hand-held devices are useful, but can only be used to check one person at a time. These fast screening thermal cameras can measure the temperatures of many people at one time.

Summary of Key Features

  • Alerts of abnormal body temperature
  • Uses infrared thermal radiation technology
  • Contactless to prevent contamination
  • Real-time measurement
  • Measures temperature continuously
  • Visually displays the temperature of each person

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