School Solutions

School Solutions

2M Technology

Providing you solutions on how to keep your  campus safe to protect your students.

Due to our global pandemic, most school campuses are close and students have to switch to online courses. Professors are adapting to the new teaching method and start working remotly.

Eventualy, campuses will reopen soon and the number of confirmed cases in the US keep increasing everyday.

Why monitoring body temperature?

Fever is one of the most common symptom of Covid-19. Monitoring human body temperature is essential to detect whos infected. While waiting for a vaccine, 2M technology has provided some smart and quick solutions to put a stop at this virus spread.

Heat Tracker Solutions

 Rapid Volume Screening

Presenting with other smart features such as facial recognition even with masks and Wi-Fi cloud data storage.

Non-Contact Measurement

Our thermal series includes social distance fever screening systems, body temperature detection cameras, touch-free thermometers, and portable no contact heat detectors.

Instant Results

Absolute accuracy, efficiency and precision 99% accurate.

Recommended Products

Thermal Detecting Camera 

Detecting a large number of people at once with no contact and no discomfort of being physically screened.

Body Temperature Detection Camera, Model number:   2MTHBB-4030

  • On-board temp-detection algorithm
  • Sensitivity 40mK
  • Thermal: 8mm Fixed lens, Visible: 2.7-12mm motorized lens
  • Accuracy 0.3°C
  • Body detection, up to 16 Targets
  • Response Time 30ms



Bi-Spectral Infrared Body Temperature Body Screening Thermal Camera Model number: 2MTHBB-3828

  • Resolution 384 x 288, high sensitivity detector
  • Highest temperature cross cursor positioning
  • Human body abnormal temperature alarm
  • Supports wearing a mask to identify the face area to avoid false alarms from non-face high temperature objects

Infrared Thermal Detector 

Mini size, light weight and easy to install.

This solution in perfect for smaller facilities like elementary schools and child care homes.

It should be installed at the entrance. Care givers are recommended to screen before entering, Audio message could be customized.

Real time results are showing instantly.

Instant Infrared Thermal Reader Model number: 2MITD

  • Mini size, light weight, and easy to install
  • Infrared sensor assures high precision and stable quality performance.
  • Continuously measure the body temperature
  • Temperature measurement within 1 second
  • Measurement distance is 1-20cm, no contact is required, and infection is avoided.



Portable Thermal Imager 

Another solution is scanning all visitors and students in the parking lot before going in.

This is the traditional way but with 2M technology, out thermal imager detects temperature with no contact and phoyographed images showing their temperature.

Portable Thermal Imager Model number: 2MTHPH-1612:

  • 8” TFT screen
  • Range of temperature measurement: 30˚C~45˚C
  • Accuracy: ±0.5˚C
  • Point temperature measurement
  • Type-C USB interface for lithium battery charging



Walk-through metal security gate with temperature detection 

Detection metal and human body temperature at the same time. It guarantees a safe campus with no weapons and no virus, best solutions.

The gate is color coded displaying its power. Green indicates the gate is ready to operate. Red indicates any metal or abnormal detections, Its audible alarm will go talk and could be customized depending on the campuses message.

Human Body Temperature Measurement Metal  Gate (18 zones) Model number: 2MTHWT-HMD1

  • Detects human body temperature measurement
  • Metal Detector
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Temperature can be measured on the wrist or forehead
  • Sensors are located at different heights on both sides for people of different heights
  • Temperature measurement distance: 4-8cm, error <0.5˚C
  • Non-contact detection to avoid cross infection


Human Body Temperature Measurement Metal Gate (6 zones) Model number: 2MTHWT-HMD

  • Body temperature measurement and metal detector
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Measures temperature at the wrist
  • Temperature measurement distance: 4-8cm
  • Non-contact detection to avoid cross infection



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