Temperature Measurement & Face Recognition Terminal

Their benefits are they are less expensive and do not require additional manpower. They are suitable for smaller traffic areas such as small to medium size businesses. By automatic face recognition and temperature measurement process, this solution could be applied in various scenarios. Scenarios such as school, enterprise, community, supermarket, shopping mall, construction sites, and bank, etc

They use wrists for more accurate temperature measurements. Wrists provide a more accurate measurement than on the forehead, especially in winter. Humans usually cover their wrists in winter, unlike their foreheads.
They are for indoor use only. In addition, accuracy is not guaranteed outdoors. They also have an industry-level temperature sensor with a 0.5℃ deviation providing a sufficient preliminary measurement to provide an alert. Further testing would be necessary by actual medical staff.

Restful API interface includes:

  • Create database, delete database.
  • Add people to database, delete people from database.
  • Records real-time upload, including captured image.
  • Temperature information and whether he/she is wearing a mask
  • Device info, database info, etc,

Questions and Answers

Q: Could face recognition alert terminal work with NVR?
A: Yes, but only the video will be transmitted to NVR via Onvif. No face image, no temperature, no pass-through but it is recorded on the recorder.

Q: Will the alarm be transmitted to CMS when the temperature is higher than the threshold?
A: No, only temperature information is transmitted from the terminal to CMS. Alarm from terminal to CMS is still in the plan.

Q: What’s the color of the temperature module?
A: Yellow

Q: Since the alarm will not be transmitted to CMS, can it be connected to the alarm system?
A: No

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