Thermal Readers bring comfort and safety to students’ parents and school administrations.

Schools are beginning to open back and yet until now we don’t have a vaccine to this epidemic. School administrations across the country are struggling to find safer solutions to reopen safely. We have a success story here in North Dakota, Underwood School is using  thermal readers distributed by our partners to check the temperature. Students are being scanned at entrances and hallways to eliminate cross contamination. It has given everyone a piece of mind knowing that everyone’s temperature on campus has been scanned. It’s a self -scanning , non-contact, quick, and easy to use procedure. They love how they don’t need extra labor to sit there and physically do the job. They plan on keeping using it even when the pandemic is over so thermal readers are a great investment after all.

Read this article below to learn more about this success story. If you’re interested in our thermal reader, please contact our partners.

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