What kind of Access control do you need in 2020? 1

Who may have thought that 2020 is a groundbreaking year for the technology industry? With the whole world facing a pandemic, the industry has shifted to an innovative phase. As the country reopened again and employees returned back to work, different protocols were taken place.  2M technology is excited to introduce our smart facial recognition access control with the ability to sense body temperature. 

 The idea to screen employees at the beginning of the work shift and clocking in sounds like a genius multitasking. As a door reader, it has the ability to deny access to people with high fever and without masks from entering in. Combined with its powerful thermal camera and the newest face recognition technology, it reads body temperature through the human forehead with no contact. It supports face, card, password, and QR code authentication to control door access. 

Our thermal access control helps alert and restrict the number of infected people into large dense public places like hospitals, offices, convention centers, school campuses, or restaurants. It’s an amazing investment even if the COVID-19 situation calms down because who doesn’t need a smart face recognition access control? If you’re interested in trying out face recognition access control, then contact our sales team today!

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