2M Thermal Solutions for Law Enforcement

The Current Issue

Even though many states have required businesses to temporarily close to minimize the spread of COVID-19, places like police stations and county jails are still functioning. These places are essential but are high-risk areas due to the large number of people who visit these facilities. With thermal solutions from 2M, places of law enforcement can follow safety protocols while still maintaining operations.

2M Thermal Product Solutions


Walk-Through Metal Detector Gate with Temperature Measurement

In places that deal with criminals, having a metal detector is necessary to ensure that no dangerous weapons and items are being carried in. Walk-through gates are useful so that each person who comes in won’t have to be individually searched which can take up time and resources. However, having a separate metal detector gate and a separate thermal scanning device can also be time consuming. 2M offers a thermal solution for these issues. By combining a metal detector gate with a thermal scanner, users can speed up the entry process without sacrificing safety. The walk-through gate can detect threatening items while screening for high body temperatures.


Summary of Key Features

  • Detects high body temperatures
  • Doubles as a metal detector
  • Easy installation and usage
  • Contactless to prevent infection
  • Temperature can be measured from wrist or forehead
  • Sensors on both sides detect variable heights
  • Fast screening for quick entry
  • High accuracy, error <0.5˚C

Face Recognition Access Control Terminal with Temperature Measurement

In places of law enforcement, there can be areas that are restricted to only authorized personnel. Sensitive areas like rooms that hold evidence or armory should be protected against the public and dangerous criminals. It is possible to hire security guards, but a more efficient solution would be using an access control terminal with face recognition. Users can establish a database of faces they want the system to recognize in order to allow only those people to enter. It also has extra features of measuring temperature and mask detection for added protection against the spread of infection.

Summary of Key Features

  • Detects high body temperatures
  • Contactless
  • High accuracy, accurate up to 0.1˚C
  • Measurement deviation of ≤ 3˚C
  • Face recognition access control integration
  • Fastest face recognition time of 0.2 seconds
  • Allows for quick entry

Face Recognition Access Control Terminal with Wrist Temperature Measurement

This device is very similar to the device that was previously mentioned, but it measures temperature from the wrist instead of the forehead. These two devices are both highly accurate in measurement, but this one is best suited for well-lit environments. Sometimes overhead lights can prevent the device from accurately detecting the forehead to measure temperature. This device doesn’t have that issue since it detects temperature from the wrist. But like the other access control terminal, this device can be integrated with face recognition for restricted areas.


Summary of Key Features

  • Contactless, measures wrist temperature
  • Equipped with face recognition
  • Measures temperature within distance of 1-3cm
  • Highly accurate, measurement deviation of ≤ 3˚C
  • Face recognition distance within 0.2-2.9m
  • Face recognition time of 0.2 seconds

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