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The Current Issue

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many states required businesses and public places to close in order to prevent the spread of infection. However, healthcare facilities are regarded as essential places. They have to stay open because health services are essential and necessary for everyone. But the patients who require healthcare are typically immunocompromised and contracting the virus could be fatal for them. Using thermal solutions from 2M, healthcare centers can plan to keep all their patients and staff safe from the risk of infection.

2M Thermal Product Solutions

Fast Screening Thermal Camera

Hospitals can have large amounts of visitors on a daily basis. Hand-held thermal scanners are useful, but not very practical when it comes to a lot of people. Scanning each person individually can take awhile so 2M offers a better thermal solution. With this camera, body temperature is instantly detected and can show every person’s temperature, even in a crowd.

Summary of Key Features

  • Alerts of abnormal body temperature
  • Uses infrared thermal radiation technology
  • Contactless to prevent contamination
  • Real-time measurement
  • Measures temperature continuously
  • Visually displays the temperature of each person

Temperature Reader with Screening Questions

Although screening for high body temperature is useful, not everyone will show symptoms of the virus. Not only that, some people may have been exposed to the virus but haven’t developed symptoms yet. Using health screening questions is a better way to filter out potential infected people. At 2M, we have a thermal solution that utilizes customized screening questions with our access control terminals. Using this device, you can ask questions about COVID-19 symptoms and exposure in order to control entry. This way, potential carriers can be identified to prevent potentially infecting others. The device is also capable of temperature reading to eliminate the need for a separate thermal scanning device.

Summary of Key Features

  • Can utilize health screening questions
  • Control access based on responses to questions
  • Detects mask usage
  • Can be used with face recognition for restricted areas
  • Detects high body temperatures
  • Contactless

Thermal Access Control Turnstile

Turnstiles are a great way to control access to buildings, but many types of turnstiles require the users to touch something in order to pass through. These types were useful in the past, but are not the ideal way today when physical contact must be limited. 2M carries a line of turnstiles with thermal solutions These turnstiles have gates that can open and close rapidly. This allows for quicker entry but also ensures that only one person passes through at a time to prevent non-screened people from entering. The gates are also controlled automatically so no contact is necessary. These systems are equipped with thermal scanners and will deny entry to those with high temperatures, offering a convenient way to screen visitors.

Summary of Key Features

  • Fast entry, pass rate of 35 people/min
  • Unlock time of 0.2s
  • Visually appealing design
  • Contactless
  • Voice alerts of abnormal temperatures
  • Can be integrated with face recognition

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