2M Thermal Solutions for Education

The Current Issue

At the beginning of COVID-19, many schools moved their instruction online. However, having school online has proved to not be feasible due to parents having to go back to work and students falling behind in their education. Schools have been forced to reopen, but many parents and educators are concerned about risking infection. There are social distancing practices in place, but it is not possible for everyone to be vigilant at all times. But with the assistance of 2M thermal solutions, schools can reopen their facilities safely.

2M Thermal Product Solutions


Walk-Through Gate With Temperature & Metal Detection


2MTHWT-HMD-1 Metal Detector and Human Body Temperature Measurement Security Gate

One solution to creating a safer school environment would be using a thermal imaging gate. These gates are equipped with a thermal camera that detects high body temperatures. High body temperatures may indicate the presence of a fever, a common symptom of COVID-19. The gates also double as metal detectors to catch any weapons to keep students safe from threats. Many high schools before the pandemic used metal detectors to keep out any dangerous items, but it is now necessary to screen for high temperatures as well. The walk-through gates eliminate the need to have a metal detector and a separate thermal scanning device.


Summary of Key features:

  • Detects high body temperatures
  • Doubles as a metal detector
  • Easy installation and usage
  • Contactless to prevent infection
  • Temperature can be measured from wrist or forehead
  • Sensors on both sides detect variable heights
  • Fast screening for quick entry
  • High accuracy, error <0.5˚C

Mask Detection & Face Recognition Devices

One of the stipulations for reopening schools is that everyone is required to wear a face mask at all times. Face masks help to prevent the spread of the virus because it is transmitted through air particles. Therefore, it is important that schools are making sure everyone who comes into the building are wearing masks. Schools could use thermal imaging devices that are equipped with mask detection software. These devices detect high body temperatures while also checking for mask usage. They can even be integrated with face recognition access controls to ensure only students and educators are entering the building to prevent external threats.


Summary of Key Features:

  • Detects high body temperatures
  • Detects mask usage
  • Contactless
  • High accuracy, accurate up to 0.1˚C
  • Measurement deviation of ≤ 3˚C
  • Face recognition access control integration
  • Fastest face recognition time of 0.2 seconds
  • Allows for quick entry

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