2M’s Mini Face Recognition Terminal

At 2M Technology, we carry a unique item known as the face recognition access control terminal. This is a special device that can be used to control access to certain areas in place of a traditional lock-and-key system. When using the terminals, the face becomes a key that can never be duplicated or lost. The device can also detect mask usage and high body temperatures to minimize the risk of infection. Our terminals come with many useful capabilities so improving them would be a difficult feat, but it is possible. How? By shrinking all of those capabilities into a handy mini face recognition terminal.

Features of the Mini Face Recognition Terminal

The mini face recognition terminal comes with all of the features from the original version, but in a smaller size. Our terminals are capable of controlling access into areas and rooms using criteria such as:

  • Face recognition
  • Mask usage
  • Body temperature
  • Keycard access
  • Health screening questions

These terminals are extremely useful, especially for COVID-19 safety. Even though using face recognition as a way to control access is not a new development, the demand for this technology surged in response to the outbreak. Many people realized that using physical keys or fingerprints was no longer feasible since these methods require physical contact and risks spreading infection. Face recognition terminals are a better alternative since they are contactless. In addition, using face recognition access controls offers more security and convenience.

But now that the vaccine is starting to be distributed, there are some concerns that these devices will soon become redundant and a waste of an investment. However, experts predict that wearing masks and checking temperature will still be practiced post-COVID, but these habits will be adapted to protect against other illnesses. Our society has become more wary about getting sick in general so there will still be a need for devices that help reduce the spread of infection.

Reduced Size, Upgraded Capabilities

You might be wondering, “What difference will the size make if they both have the same functions?” But don’t underestimate the impact that a smaller device would have. Even though both terminals come with the same features, the reduced size actually enhances the usability and accessibility of these functions.

Although the original version is useful, the bulkier size requires a more extensive installation process which significantly limits where they can be used. The original terminal must be mounted onto a wall or be used with the specially-made stand. This means that those who are interested in using the terminals would have to commit to a permanent installation. The thought of having to deal with a complicated setup could cause potential users to become disinterested, despite all of the benefits. But by forgoing the terminals, they are also passing on providing an infection-free environment.

Unlike the regular terminal, the mini face recognition terminal does not require any mounting since it is designed to be placed on top of desks and other tabletop surfaces. The installation process is very convenient; it just needs to be plugged in and positioned so users can start checking their temperature and mask usage within seconds. Since the mini terminal is so compact, it can be easily transported between locations. This portability is advantageous because this means that it can be used anywhere to provide more protection in more places.

With our new mini face recognition terminals, ensuring your well-being and the well-being of others is more affordable and easier than ever. Contact us today to find out how you can start providing more protection with less hassle.

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