COVID Variant in Vietnam Proves Diligence is Still Necessary

For many countries with the vaccine, it may seem like the end of the pandemic has finally come. But for others, the virus is still at its peak. In fact, the virus is actually mutating into more aggressive strains that threaten the entire world. Vietnam was once the model example of how to contain the virus, but it’s now the country with the most recently discovered COVID variant.

Vietnam’s Current Situation

A few days ago, a new variant of COVID-19 was discovered in Vietnam. This strain was found to have characteristics of the Indian and U.K. strain. This is worrying because both variants are said to be highly transmissible and the Indian strain is also more resistant to medication. As of Saturday, Vietnam had 6,713 reported cases and 47 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Even though these figures are low in comparison to other countries, over half of those cases and 12 of those deaths were reported in the last month. Experts believe that the new variant is the reason behind the recent surge.

The discovery of this COVID variant in Vietnam was surprising because up until now, Vietnam was able to contain the spread very well. When the virus was first detected in December of 2019, Vietnam quickly took action and implemented safety protocols. In addition to extensive contact tracing and strict quarantines, they started temperature screening passengers coming from Wuhan to Hanoi’s airport in January of 2020. If someone was found to have a fever, they were isolated and closely monitored.

Containing Vietnam’s COVID Variant

Even though vaccination rates are increasing around the world, the recent spike in Vietnam proves that safety protocols must still be in place until COVID-19 and its variants are completely eradicated. Not everyone is vaccinated yet and it’s still unknown if the current vaccines are enough to protect against the new variants. One of the ways that we can control the spread is by checking temperatures, as proven by Vietnam’s earlier success. At 2M, we offer a variety of thermal products that will help you screen visitors faster and more accurately.

Temperature Screening Devices

The most common method of temperature screening involves using a thermal gun to individually check each person. While it is effective, this method wastes time and causes long queues. But with our products, you can easily avoid this problem. Our thermal products are contactless and can read temperatures instantly. We even have thermal imaging cameras that can mass-screen multiple people at one time. For better protection, we have thermal metal detection gates that can screen visitors for fevers and dangerous metal items simultaneously to save time.

Thermal Access Control Devices

If mask usage is a necessity for your facility, then we also have devices that can detect masks and temperatures. Our terminals are equipped with face recognition and can be installed in front of entrances to restricted areas to ensure that only authorized and healthy personnel are allowed access. If you require physical access control, then the terminals come installed on our turnstiles so you can physically keep out infection and unauthorized people. We carry turnstiles in a variety of styles so you can find the right one for any purpose and environment. If you need some help choosing which one would be best, take our short quiz below for a recommendation.

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Even though things may seem like they’re going back to normal, the end of the pandemic is still far. Vietnam’s COVID variant proves that we still need to be diligent about enforcing safety protocols. Cases are on the decline, but the number of variants are increasing so checking temperatures is still necessary. If you are in need of a temperature screening solution, then give us a call or schedule a FREE live demo today!

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