How to Reopen Offices & Ease Employee Anxiety Amid COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, many offices shut down and employees were sent to work from home in efforts to control the spread of the virus. Now that vaccinations have been rolled out, employers are quickly making plans to reopen offices. But even with the vaccine, many employees are wary about going back to the office.

In a survey taken by the American Psychological Association, they found that 49% of adults feel anxious about returning to work in-person once the pandemic is over. Although more and more people are getting vaccinated, that’s not easing any concerns. In fact, that same study reported that 48% of those who have been vaccinated still feel apprehensive.

The reason behind these feelings could be that there’s a lot that we don’t know about COVID-19 and the vaccine. Health experts aren’t sure about how long the vaccine is effective for and if it protects against the variants that have emerged. Additionally, there’s currently no vaccine available for children under 12 so a lot of parents are hesitant to return to the office and potentially put their child at risk of infection.

Solutions to Back-to-Office Anxiety

In order to ease employee concerns about returning to work, employers should take efforts to provide a safe workplace. Employers should implement practices that will minimize the risk of infection and make their workers feel protected, like wearing masks and checking temperatures. However, it’s also important that the methods for enforcing these protocols are efficient to avoid wasted time. 2M understands that maintaining safety and productivity can be challenging, but we carry various solutions that will enable employers to achieve both.

Temperature Screening Devices

In order to reduce the spread of infection, it’s important for businesses to check temperatures to ensure that employees are not coming into work while sick. However, checking each person individually takes time and causes delays. To remedy this issue, 2M carries temperature screening devices that are contactless and fast. The standing body temperature screening system can only detect individual temperature, but it’s instant so that each employee can be quickly screened before entry. We also have a thermal imaging camera that can mass screen up to 16 people at once.

Mask Detection Devices

Checking temperature is important to prevent infection, but so is mask usage. 2M’s unique terminals are capable of detecting body temperature and mask usage instantly. They’re also capable of face recognition so you can screen employees for infection while ensuring that only authorized personnel are granted access. We even carry a miniature version which can be used to screen visitors at reception desks.

Temperature & Mask Detection Access Control Devices

For even more security and safety, we have turnstiles that are equipped with our face recognition access control terminals. With the gates, you can physically keep out unauthorized people or anyone who is infected from entering the premises. Our turnstiles come in a variety of styles to suit any building or aesthetic. If you’re interested in a turnstile but aren’t sure of which one would be best, check out our fun quiz below to receive a suggestion.

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When planning to reopen a business, it’s imperative to take the safety of the employees into consideration. Employees are what makes the business and steps should be taken to protect their health and their peace of mind. If you’re reopening your business soon, then contact us so that we can devise the right solution.

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