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The Current Issue

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many workplaces moved their operations online. However, some employees are starting to go back to working in-person even though cases are still increasing. Offices and similar places of employment are high-risk areas because they require employees to work long hours in close proximity to coworkers every day. 2M offers a few thermal solutions to remedy these concerns.

2M Thermal Product Solutions

Fast Screening Thermal Camera

2MTHBB-3828 Bi-spectrum Infrared Body Temperature Fast Screening Thermal Camera

One thermal solution that workplaces can use are thermal cameras. This device in particular instantly detects the body temperature of multiple people at once. It would be great for offices and other places with heavy foot traffic. Instead of having to check everyone individually with a hand-held thermal gun, this device can detect temperatures as people walk into the building.

Summary of Key Features

  • Alerts of abnormal body temperature
  • Uses infrared thermal radiation technology
  • Contactless to prevent contamination
  • Real-time measurement
  • Measures temperature continuously
  • Visually displays the temperature of each person

Thermal Access Control Turnstile

A lot of workplaces already use turnstiles as a way to ensure only authorized employees enter the building. 2M carries a better thermal solution for turnstiles. Our turnstiles are equipped with thermal readers as a way to screen employees for high body temperatures. They detect temperature through the forehead or wrist so that no contact will be necessary which minimizes contamination. The gates open and close quickly to speed up the entry process, making it perfect for places with a lot of employees and visitors. They can also be integrated with key card access so that workplaces won’t need to adopt a new system. In addition, the turnstiles are capable of face recognition to restrict access to more sensitive areas.

Summary of Key Features

  • Fast entry, pass rate of 35 people/min
  • Unlock time of 0.2s
  • Visually appealing design
  • Contactless
  • Voice alerts of abnormal temperatures
  • Can be integrated with face recognition
  • Compatible with key card access
Our turnstiles come in a variety of styles for different industries. If you would like to see which turnstile would be best suited for your facility, then check out our short quiz below!
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Mask Detection & Temperature Measurement Device

In some workplaces, there could be areas that are blocked off to only authorized personnel. One thermal solution to these areas would be to use access control terminals. These access control terminals are equipped with face recognition. With face recognition, workplaces can establish a database of authorized employees for specific areas and rooms. They are also capable of reading temperature and will deny access if someone is detected with a high body temperature or is not wearing a mask. This protects against potentially letting in infected people that could spread the virus to their coworkers.

Summary of Key Features

  • Detects high body temperatures
  • Detects mask usage
  • Contactless
  • High accuracy, accurate up to 0.1˚C
  • Measurement deviation of ≤ 3˚C
  • Face recognition access control integration
  • Fastest face recognition time of 0.2 seconds
  • Allows for quick entry

Mask Detection & Wrist Temperature Measurement Device

Like the device we just mentioned, this screening system is equipped with face recognition access and detects body temperature and mask usage. It is contactless like the other device, but it measures temperature from the wrist instead of the forehead. This system would be better suited for buildings with a lot of overhead lights because it requires the user to hold out their wrist for detection. Having a lot of lights tend to warp the image of the forehead, making it difficult for the appliance to detect body temperature.

Summary of Key Features

  • Contactless, measures wrist temperature
  • Equipped with face recognition
  • Measures temperature within distance of 1-3cm
  • Highly accurate, measurement deviation of ≤ 3˚C
  • Face recognition distance within 0.2-2.9m
  • Detects mask usage

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