Why Future Pandemics Are More Likely & What We Can Do to Prepare

According to health experts, COVID-19 will not be the last pandemic in our lifetime. In fact, scientists are predicting that we will have a lot more pandemics and epidemics in our near future. Even though we weren’t prepared for this current pandemic, we do have a chance to prepare for the next one and mitigate potential damage.

Reasons Why Pandemics Are More Likely Now

  • Urbanization: One of the reasons why pandemics are more likely now is because the majority of the population lives in cities. This move towards urban cities means that people are living closer together so it’s easier for illnesses to spread.
  • Increasing population: People are living longer, resulting in an exploding population and an increase in the demand for food. In order to keep up with demand, farmers have to raise more livestock, but this puts them into more contact with disease-carrying animals.
  • Expansion into new environments: In addition to more food, a bigger population also requires more space. However, when we expand into previously untouched territories, we displace infected animals. With nowhere else to go, they start invading homes.
  • Climate change: Some people believe that global warming is not that big of a deal, but even the slightest change in temperature can lead to dire consequences. Global warming causes floods which can bring waterborne diseases and allow disease-carrying mosquito populations to thrive.
  • Global travel: Advances in technology has made air travel easier and more accessible than ever. However, this global travel also means that it’s easier for infections to spread and harder to contain them.
  • Health worker shortages: Often times, health professionals from developing countries will migrate to developed countries for better opportunities. But when they leave their country behind, they also leave their people more vulnerable to succumbing to diseases since there’s not enough health workers there to help treat and control the spread.

Preparing for the Future

We can’t stop another pandemic from happening, but we can make efforts to prepare ourselves. If the current pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that checking body temperature and wearing masks are effective ways to slow the spread of infection. At 2M Technology, we carry a wide range of products that will help you enforce these health protocols.

Temperature Scanners

The first line of defense against the spread of infection would be to screen visitors for elevated body temperatures. We offer various temperature scanning solutions that will instantly detect abnormal temperatures. We even have a thermal camera system that is capable of detecting the individual temperatures of multiple people in real-time. Besides that, we also carry walk-through gates that can read temperature and detect dangerous metal items simultaneously.

Access Control Terminals With Temperature & Mask Detection

If you also want to screen visitors for mask usage, our access control terminals are capable of temperature and mask detection. You could install these in front of doors to ensure that only people wearing masks and have normal body temperatures are entering. The terminals are also capable of face recognition so you can make your visitor management more secure and safe. If you want a more compact and portable version, we also offer a miniature size.

Access Control Turnstiles With Temperature & Mask Detection

For an automated entry process, you should opt to use our access control turnstiles. Like our terminals, these turnstiles are capable of temperature and mask detection and face recognition. They’re contactless so you can limit cross-contamination and they make entry effortless. We offer these turnstiles in a variety of style so you can get exactly what you want for any industry or environment. If you would like to see which turnstile would be best suited for your facility, then check out our fun quiz below!

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