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2M Technology 2MPLTHIP-2IR3K Long Range Thermal & Laser Pan Tilt Zoom (DISCONTINUED)

  • Advanced 3-CAM technology
  • High-speed image processing chip for real-time detection
  • LAZ light automatic zoom lens, pan, zoom and preset laser synchronization function
  • Super wind turret, horizontal 360 ° Endless rotation, vertical -45 ° ~ + 45 °, no dead areas
  • Overheating, voltage spike and other safeguard features
  • Temperature control system, waterproof and thermal design

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This series uses super wind head, laser illuminator, illumination high Refreshing fog camera, high Refreshing fog lens, made through science, advanced means set, with good background contrast, clear imaging, high-resolution color illumination turn black camera, can be continuously monitored day and night, laser night vision 3000 meters can be found in the character activity, vehicles, facilities and other targets; implement daytime color monitor, the purpose of the night in total darkness environment the same monitor.

Product Features

1-Lens Features:

  • The use of advanced 3-CAM technology, the zoom drive structural formula CAM CAM slot pin floating so little friction, long motor life
  • High-speed image processing chip capable of real-time detection of the screen, and can control the lens focus motor quickly focus on the main screen objects
  • Built-in T3000ND filter
  • Lens with auto-focus function, avoid tedious fine-tuning operations
  • Automatic color to black function, realize daytime color, black and white at night all-weather monitoring mode
  • Through the fog function, improve the monitoring range and image clarity foggy environment
  • Preset function

2-Laser Features:

  • LAZ light automatic zoom lens, pan, zoom and preset laser synchronization function, make the operation more simple and intelligent
  • APC sensitive automatic control functions, lock the camera can sense when the laser is turned to black and white mode laser
  • Gaussian laser beam reforming technology, good beam quality, spot uniformity, high density laser
  • Patented spectroscopic techniques, laser utilization up to 100%, to avoid wasting the only the only laser light lens pairing phenomenon
  • Axis internal electric trim, without disassembly, easy maintenance, service life of 20,000 hours

3-Turntable Features:

  • Super wind turret, horizontal 360 ° Endless rotation, vertical -45 ° ~ + 45 °, no dead areas
  • Chinese and English OSD menu, support zoom ratio setting, presentation, run, delete, preset, cruise path, pattern scan, about scanning, apple scan through the OSD menu
  • An angle return function, and GIS linkage can realize the goal of positioning the monitoring
  • Off self-locking function, power and memory function

4-Control Mode:

  • Via RS485 / RS422 / TCP / IP remote control signal cameras, lenses, laser turntable

5-Multiple protection:

  • Having a slow start and overtemperature, overcurrent, overvoltage and multiple protection features
  • Intelligent temperature control system, waterproof, thermal design to ensure the equipment long-term stability



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MPLTHIP 2IR Series Info

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2 Megapixel (1920 x 1080)


Corporate Series

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Laser LED