2M’s Temperature Scanning Devices: Protection In a World With or Without COVID-19

Despite COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out all across the United States, only 22.2% of the population has received at least one of the two doses and a mere 12% have completed both. With the majority of the country being unvaccinated, it’s important to still practice preventative measures, like wearing masks and checking for elevated body temperatures. It’s going to take some time before everyone has the chance to get vaccinated, but 2M Technology’s extensive line of temperature scanners will keep you protected in the meantime.

The Importance of Temperature Scanning

Despite the declining number of cases, temperature scanning is still an essential barrier against the spread of infection. It’s not possible for every business to administer a COVID-19 test to every visitor, but it is possible to check each person for a high body temperature, which may indicate the presence of the virus. In fact, a lot of vaccination centers are actually requiring their vaccine candidates to undergo a temperature scan and answer screening questions before they’re permitted entry.

But even after being vaccinated, proof of a normal body temperature will still be required, especially if they plan on traveling internationally. A lot of countries will be requiring international travelers to present a “vaccine passport” before they’re allowed in. Many big tech companies, like IBM, have launched their own apps that will allow users to digitally upload any COVID-19 related records such as vaccination records, proof of a negative COVID-19 test, and their current body temperature. This digital passport can then be presented at travel checkpoints or even concert venues to gain entry.

Temperature Scanning Options From 2M

Even though cases are decreasing and vaccinations are on the rise, taking precautions such as wearing masks and checking temperature are still necessary. The majority of places that check temperature use an inefficient method: the infrared thermometer or thermal gun. Manually checking temperature with a thermal gun requires each person to be individually checked by another person which slows down the flow of entry and puts the inspector at risk. At 2M Technology, we offer better temperature scanning solutions that safer and more efficient.

Thermal Camera

Using a thermal camera is a great option for mass temperature screening. This method speeds up the entry process and allows the inspector to monitor from a safe distance. These cameras can instantly read the body temperature of multiple people at one time and can even detect mask usage. If an abnormal body temperature or a non-mask wearer is detected, an alert will be sent out for prompt action.

Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Terminal

These devices are access control terminals that can detect body temperature and mask usage. If someone is detected with an abnormal temperature or not wearing a mask, that person will be denied entry. The terminals enable individuals to check themselves upon entry so that another person isn’t needed and putting them at risk of cross-contamination. Additionally, these access control terminals are contactless so they’re a safer alternative to using keys or cards. At 2M, we carry 2 different sizes (regular or mini) and 2 different temperature scanning methods (forehead or wrist).

Walk-Through Human Body Temperature Measurement Gate

Another option for mass temperature screening would be to use walk-through temperature detection gates. These devices are gates that will instantly detect the temperature of every person who walks through. Our gates are easy to use and contactless. You can choose between using a gate with 1 wrist sensor or another gate with 2 sensors for the wrist and forehead.

Walk-Through Metal Detector & Human Body Temperature Measurement Gate

These are basically the same walk-through gates as the ones previously mentioned, but with an added feature: metal detection. The gates will instantly detect body temperature along with inspecting each person for dangerous items. This makes for a safer and faster entry because it combines two steps into one. We offer a few different options for these gates; we have gates that utilize thermal sensors and one style that uses a thermal camera.

Thermal Detection Access Control Turnstile

If you want a physical barrier solution, then using a thermal detection access control turnstile will be the ideal option. These turnstiles are equipped with our terminals that can detect body temperature and mask usage. Those who do not meet the entry requirements will be denied access to prevent the spread of infection. Our gates come in a variety of styles and can accommodate 35 people per minute for quick and safe screening. If you would like to see which turnstile is best for you, then take our interactive quiz to build your own!

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The end of the pandemic is coming, but temperature scanning isn’t going anywhere. It’s something that will remain in our world, either to protect against COVID-19 or to protect against other infections. If you’re tired of manual temperature checks and want a better solution, then give us a call. Our temperature scanning options are safer and will make adjusting to the new normal a lot easier.

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